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  1. What line cleaner do you use Vince
  2. Oi I heard that (makes a change) lol
  3. Thanks for that Chris ....see it didn't rain all the time
  4. As you seem to be organising it then it follows that you are calling also
  5. Why I thought you liked my Indoor ..........not long now
  6. No they are all up on Dunstable Downs ;0) .........( Festival next weekend 16/17 July)
  7. it makes reversing easier ? never felt the need myself
  8. If you guys were here you would know
  9. Happy Birthday I'll buy ya one next time i see ya
  10. What no replies ? I would love to swap a Rev with you but I don't have any that are in good enough condition lol
  11. I would think that as 2012 is a world cup year in Berck I can not see Gerard being able to help ? it's bad enough this year and it's not a world cup year ?
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