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    Taking great photos, Flying my Rev's, back to some decent health, These are my interest for 2009. What a wonderful Life!! And, Who Love's Ya Baby??
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  1. Here is a sneak peek around 50 second mark of vid , back to back left to right axels
  2. Sure does, as does that flying...We just watched the same vid from different rooms in the same house and they both looked incredible...
  3. This has to be the largest collection of custom/KNOCKOFFS I've seen.
  4. Wish I could be there , however, Im staying close to home here in RI. A casual Newport fly is a rarity for me this season... But I will find time to extend my lines all 4 of them. Enjoy see you on Friday night in Cherry Valley, New York...
  5. WOW, I learned from all. Thank YOU Notables JB, ( IQUAD ) stepping it up, Wow... for all of u from USA, yes JB stepped it up... imagine that, What NEXT ? Great WORK. Flying Squad: Thank you for all ur expertise, pleasure to watch and learn. (videos are not the same) next time, Do I really have to injure one to jump on the line. LOL Only kidding I watched the core of the Squad win the Dual line team WORLD Championship as "SKY DANCE" 13 years ago.... AMAZIN dedication to sport kite's in general, even with the 4 little ones running around truly a family task to be mentioned.. Decorators: FELIX, What vision u have Professor Mottram, an honor to be part of a dream realized (let's not stop there) David, break a leg, no just sprain it, help someone else realize a dream. LMAO... glad you are feeling better. great choreography, simply BRILLIANT !!! Ashley, You made my time on the line a true peaceful experience, I have learned calling can be b a peaceful journey, (as a caller that is priceless for me) Martin, One more pint for my new teammate, I had more to drink with u than I've had in many years, an occasion to remember and celebrate. REV RIDERS: RICH, LOVE YOU Thanks for helping me make this a reality. u made this possible for me, and I can't say enough. LAURA, 100 yards more in the soft sand then stand all day and fly. can everyone say TROOPER. thanks for ur dedication. LET'S RIDE To all my old and new Friends without all of YOU, none of this is possible. Share the love of the REV so we can make it bigger next year... THANK YOU ALL Im overwhelmed that so many of you came together to share MY true passion that is REV flying.. selfish maybe, but true !!! pleasure watching EVERY level remember: IT's the JOURNEY.
  6. Hi Bart, I'll give you a target to start, RICH Comras loves wearing REV's give him a go, he'll be glad to service your target practice. LOL
  7. Felix, Your off chance to show IQUAD has paid big dividends across this whole country of ours, JB and the crew has spread the love of team flying and grid work as well as one entity could possibly, Thanks for your passion and vision, and JB and the crew, know how they inspire me, and the REV RIDERS, My friends are making sure I will be in attendance to the biggest REVOLUTION fly in this country EVER, and Im sure will not be the Last. Im humbled and can't wait to be part of such a gathering of like minded, obsessive people, LOL. godspeed.
  8. Thank You for sharing, very inspiring.... Bonito, beautiful to see the Passion at work.......
  9. Here are some time exposures, of IQUAD's lit kites in a Blender and with fireworks enjoy... Cant wait maybe this year I can use a tripod and get some really good shots, LOL
  10. Thanks Mark, Good photos to critique our team formations in not so perfect off shore HOT breeze. As Alden would say, ..... "Scott your just a stickler, period." Thanks for the ammo,, and as felix would say.... GRINS
  11. I can't say how much this means to me.. and this is one of those most special things that has happened in my life living in the kite family, MUSHY beyond words. Connor and know how I feel!
  12. Thanks to my friends for defending my character, but a spade is a spade, that lack of performance was pitiful. The little guy said, "That wasn't very good" and he was right. Any Press is good Press, After one year and we are still talking about it..... cool. I would do it again. though We can all watch this seasons ( season 5) show and we will see indoor REVOLUTION flying, so stay tuned and root for the brave soul who subjected themselves to MILLIONS of viewers scrutiny or praise. "No Guts No Glory" I hope we can start a thread to positively bring ideas to advertising kite flying to the unknowing public. after my years of flying kites I can say I carry a positive attitude ONLY, all else, leave it at the workplace! This Friday night I will be flying my Rev on the lawn of a mansion for a few hundred spectators to scrutinize, And They invited me to do so, go figure. My Mom used to tell me " Go FLY a Kite" I THINK I WILL. JUST DO IT.
  13. Just wish, I could be there. Have fun, send some video.
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