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  1. Just wanted to wish all you guys in NYC good winds for Sunday. LSP is a beautiful place to fly and a perfect place to commemorate and remember the lives lost that sad day. Pull a few strings for me Hezz
  2. The B&B is now booked so am looking forward to seeing and flying with you all again. Hopefully the weather will stay nice! Hezz
  3. I second that, Dave. I love the way these sail designs glint in the sunlight, as you spin the kite around, the panels seem to illuminate - the faster you spin, the better the effect! Amazing! I think Ben described it better as "F g Awesome!!!" Love mine! Hezz
  4. Mmm! Did I mention my birthday is next week?... Hezz
  5. I'll be there as part of TFS of course... Hezz
  6. Hello Anchorage kite flyers Two years ago we visited Anchorage, and on the cab ride from the airport to the railroad station, I happened to glance down a side road and saw someone flying a B-series (can't remember what colour) which made me smile ... all the way from the UK to Alaska and one of the first things I see is a Rev It could have been you! Hezz P.S. Loved the scenery, mountains, trees, lakes, rivers and midnight sun (in June). Rather concerned to see a notice in the hotel lobby warning of a bear roaming around the parking lot (he must have hid well cos we never saw him)
  7. Well done Bri, it feels good to get a job!! And even better, to get a job you really really want!! Cool !! Hezz
  8. Ouch! Poor Luca - get well soon, mate! All the best, Hezz & Stew
  9. Yah, can't believe we lost by half a point.. should'a listened to Gee when he suggested Mark & Jeanette Lummas, but I couldn't believe Mark could have had such a dark sun tan Anyway I had a really good time at the Gathering, only got a few photos which are here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=59423&id=1204823362&l=8161ff85e0 You guys are very friendly, hospitable and well organised! Will look forward to seeing you all again, somewhere "halfway" like Portugal he he... what a great suggestion! Thanks again for a great weekend, Hezz
  10. Note to "southerners" driving up today... A1 is currently CLOSED due to an accident, at Grantham. Diversions are via a 37 mile detour!!!!! Take the M1 instead I think.... See you there later! Hezz
  11. Ahem I am Quiz Queen Have led my team to victory on the company's Quiz Nights... mainly by being in charge of pen & paper and demanding answers out of my bickering colleagues!!! Don't expect this weekend to be any different! Hezz (competitive, MOI?)
  12. Mine too! plus a lovely pair of blue anodized team handles I omitted to give back yesterday!... Anyway, watch it Hoath. I might bring a screwdriver and you might find your lovely new personalised registration plate "in the auction" See you guys on Friday! Hezz
  13. OK, guys ... I'm in ! Have booked the hotel, have booked my transportation (thanks Gee, Gary & Bob) so all we need now is a good ol' dose of North East sunshine and wind! Hezz
  14. Good on you Bri... I've never smoked in my life but understand how hard it must be to try to quit the habit. Keep at it, it sounds like you're on the right track and the 12 week course sounds like a great idea from the Government, at last!! No excuses to give up on the course if it only cost you £10 All the best, Hezz
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