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  1. Hello Everyone - guess who's here...... How is everyone?
  2. Ta-dah! Actually, I'm sitting here stunned that it's nearly two years since the Portsmouth/Bristol jamboree when I got to meet so many of you! Two years! Where on earth does time go.... eh?
  3. My sympathies, Felix. Fraser
  4. Hi All, John B: If buying more than one ticket, do we make more than one separate PayPal payment?
  5. Ach, go on then - just nip over for the weekend. No point in feeling bad.
  6. He can only do this stuff coz I told him how to at Portsmouth/Bristol last year.....
  7. I do??? And why would that be? (Which shouldn't imply that I would be in any way averse to buying an old bloke a pint... )
  8. I've been trundling around PA in it, looking for you, Aero....
  9. I most certainly did Chris, of course, so no need to apologise. Yeah I'm fine, though snowed under at work. Construction projects always have a bit of a sprint in their last third and when that's combined with the need to recover a huuuge unavoidable delay up front and a nutter client, there's no time for anything. Hence my apparent vaporisation. LOL I shall do my best to concoct some memorable one-liners to compensate (shouldn't be too difficult with Sailor/Pink Boy/Julian C still here, not to mention the 'I'll Die Before I Fly It' brigade still salivating over the latest artwork....
  10. Ach, I didn't realised you had replied! Sorry friend. Er.... no, thank you Sadly, the 'rich, well-paid'-ness is but an illusion, so probably not. I had hoped I might make Berck, but the aforementioned illusion coupled with my current project at work going totally ballistic put paid to all that. I find as my S.A.D. starts to lift now we are through our boring, grey winter, I am seriously missing everyone I met at Portsmouth/Bristol last year, so I think I must strive harder to make it south of the border this year. So anyway - how the devil is everyone? Fraser
  11. Yeah, like you need an excuse to wear pink.....
  12. It's not a homage - I'm actually like this!!
  13. Ah, c'moff it Jeremy - you're ripping off Julian Clary!
  14. He's only 50??? Never....
  15. Yeah, but only coz one of you soft southerners messed it all up for ten years first (and of course coz he's a tw*t).
  16. There's always a seat in my taxi for you, Aero - you know that.....
  17. You give the local mob an absolute kicking in a letter Bri. Make it utterly clear how stupid they're being. You make a good point about people having to miss the Wirral in order to attend, but just how many make the choice to go to the bigger international gathering? I know what I would have done; given a free day and perhaps with kids to keep entertained, if I had an interest in kites and no official tie to either event, it'd be the bigger one every time and who would think differently? Get 'em told Bri - they're cutting their own throats by missing the chance to interest new people in more local events. Don't hold back - get all Scottish on their ass! LOL In fact, get your club to respond officially. Fraser
  18. It must all be pretty exciting for you lot over there. I must say, I was a bit worried during the primaries that Obama was chosen more for being black than for being the better candidate. Even as a centre-right supporter, I had no doubt that it would be better if a Democrat won the White House this time, but I did think that Hilary seemed more experienced, but that seemed to be being ignored. But now we've seen more of Obama, I think he seems to have the drive and attitude America and the rest of us need, so congatulations all of you. Hopefully we can all get on now repairing the global economy and concentrate on being friends again! Fraser PS I hope the UK takes its next election as seriously!
  19. Hi All, We hear such bad stuff over here about Americans' lack of knowledge about anything that happens outwith their borders. It makes mu blood boil because of course, it's just the same here. If you target the right (sadly huuuge) strata of society here, you'll get all the answers about France being where Australia is and all the oil coming from India etc etc! I have to say that I can't believe that even Republicans think that you've had the right person in charge for the last two terms, but I am thoroughly heartened to hear how much effort has been spent this time and how much more energised America seems about the whoile election thing. I feel much happier that whoever wins this time will be chosen by a much bigger proportion of you. One of the saddest things I ever saw was that website a few years ago listing thousands upon thousands of Americans apologising to the world after the last election. Perhaps having got rid of Blair and Bush, we can all make things better from now on. I will say though that in my view, the real value of forums like this is to prove that every country has good people and that the global stereotyping that prevails these days is all hogwash! Fraser
  20. Sounds a lot like my last flight!
  21. Yeah, but do you actually like any of 'em Ben - you need to be more clear. Well yeah, I suppose they're OK. Ha ha! Only kidding of course. Nice words Ben and though I'm only able to 'skirt round the edges' of the whole Rev Family thing - only meeting some of the people, some of the time - I'm pretty sure I know what you mean. You're all a great bunch (even Jeremy ).
  22. Ha ha! It's alright Baloo - he's miles away - he can't get me. Ha ha ha!
  23. Yes from me too - it sounds great. Phwoarr. What a total babe she was. If I thought I could see her again, I'd move to Bristol! (sigh) I did indeed Bri. Not the best of circumstances to see it - in a hurry, quite a few people about, tide not the best - but well worth the detour.
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