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11/10/2020 Blackheath




There is still talk about changes in the Pandemic regime but we did get to fly today without issue.  The breeze was quite variable when I arrived on Blackheath and it was really full sail 1.5 Revs that worked in the lighter moments.

With the Revs it is quite easy to take them all and choose the appropriate one on site.  For the JMH kites a little more planning is required.  The forecast was for 8-9mph gusting 16-20mph.  On that basis I had hoped that we would be able to fly the 1990 and 1991 parafoils together, something that we had tried but not actually achieved previously.  I had envisioned flying them from the same anchor point if not the same flying line.

The wind was somewhat less than forecast so the first launch of the larger sail, the 1991 kite took longer than expected.  We flew it on about 50m of the 4mm spectra line. Once flying though it seemed stable so we set up the 1990 kite on the other c50m of the 4mm spectra.  The smaller sail is somewhat more manageable on the ground but it still took a few attempts to get it launched.  Both kites needed to be re-launched at some point but given the marginal wind speed it was a very good session.  We did get a short video of the flight and launch attempts. https://youtu.be/UEnuhbw0Rek  Parafoils on Blackheath 




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