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23/08/2020 Blackheath




The forecast was for 10-11mph gusting maybe twice that and for fairly dense cloud and that is basically what we got although there were some brighter moments.

Full vent 1.5s felt very comfortable and we even had a bit of jazz piano accompaniment by Andrew McCormack.  A new one for me and might be interesting long term!  For some reason the UE Boom 2s wouldn’t pair up which was irritating so it was a mono playback.

I had hoped to fly and video the JMH Della-Porta: Four Rhomboids and while setting it up the wind dropped a bit.  When the time came though, the anchored 40m of 4mm polyester braid provided great shock absorption and the kite launched smoothly.  There were moments when the breeze was lighter and the kite needed walking back.  It was not too much to hand hold in the harder pulling moments.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnppT5anbrI Video from today - Della-Porta:Four Rhomboids 1993

I need to replace rusty components on this kite, the bridle ring being in the most pressing need.  The link lines between the top sail and the sails below may need attention as well.  I’ll try with dowel pegs first!

Another gale is expected during the coming week.  Autumn had arrived early.




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