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07/06/2020 Blackheath




The wind was lighter than forecast soon after my arrival but strengthened later.  Full sail 1.5s with race rods were just holding in the lulls and we did fly a bit closer today as the rules have changed.

I had hoped to fly the Peter Malinski train in full today as I thought that I had cut spare sticks and put them in the new bags for each set.  Seems like I had only replaced broken ones and so we only managed four sets again today using ‘spares’ from the fifth set as we inevitably broke some during assembly.

While the whole train was well behaved in lighter breeze moments today the pilot kite exhibited an anticlockwise loop tendency when the gusts blew through.  I will have to check it over but do not think that the length of the pilot line should have been an issue.

The mini spectacle certainly attracted attention across the heath today.  I hope that we will be able to do some further focused flying days over the remainder of the summer.  That would include some Rev flying, of course.




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