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24/05/2020 Blackheath




Another breezy day so I was flying the RSS kite today.  There were two other fliers nearby but we were not sharing kit so they were flying the Xtra Vents by Bazzer.  Flying was ‘at a distance’ except for one moment when a family group came a bit close.  Should have grounded the kites really…

A further session on the Hex Pilot and this time the breeze was consistently strong enough to keep the kite at the top of the window which turned out to be really quite high.  Except, of course, for when a switch occurred and the kite went into a spin all the way to the ground.  Dropping the line tension will probably resolve the spin but I was not quite set up to release line fast today.

A further small adjustment to the bridle may also resolve line pressure sufficiently.  I am very pleased to have put this kite together even if it does not eventually get used with the Peter Malinski Hexagonal kite train.




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