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15/03/2020 Blackheath



Another breezy day, 15-30mph SSW, mostly cloudy but with the odd flash of sun and blue sky.

RSS sails were comfortable and today, even with only three fliers there were some called moves.

We put together the JMH Flare Kite 1986 as it is almost the last kite to have a page set up on the site.  (Once done I will start on the Rev designs.)

The wind was outside the comfort zone but it was useful to try adjusting the bias that appeared in the stronger gusts.  The adjustment required is less than a dowel peg so I started to shift the bridle line.  The first step in this respect was not enough but the line was marked for future reference.

I have been considering making plans for a Malinski Tetraeder session but that will depend on weather conditions and if outside activities are permitted in the coming weeks.  A slightly desperate prospect really!



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