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01/12/2019 Blackheath



NNE breeze today, fairly steady and probably about 10 mph so finally a change from the Zen Autumn.  Full vented 1.5 with green race was just right.

The sun was directly in our sightline and there was a slight warmth when the breeze eased.  When there was cloud cover it was distinctly colder.

I had hoped to fly the JMH Double / Single Eddy stack 1989 but it was a bit too muddy and damp underfoot so we flew the single Eddys that I put together recently that need further tuning.  One of them can be finalised now, the other one was still showing a bias until I resorted to the same fix I used on the field a couple of weeks ago.  As then, completely counter intuitive.

We flew until the sun re-appeared and I noticed again that the grey fabric stripe can catch the sun and appear to be brighter than the white fabric.  At the same time the shadowed white ripstop appeared to be sky blue.

The prototype printed dihedrals for the early JMH kite compositions have arrived and I am hoping to finalise an order soon.



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