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17/03/2019 Blackheath




Fortunately this was the one Sunday in March that Jacob was in London so we could start assessing the JMH kites.

Ironically having been concentrating on selecting kites to try and additional equipment I had left my Rev handles at home.  Spares were offered but I did not get to fly a Rev today!  For those that did it was RSS sails which gives an indication of the wind speed, probably about 15mph I would guess.

First up was a set of 6 banners.  Now we remember why we don’t do banners at close quarters.  Very noisy indeed, partly, I expect because the fabric is like new.!

The late delta seemed to be a reasonably safe choice and was made with different line attachment points.  The front most point seemed to work fine but the kite did need a reasonable length of line for it to be stable.

Jacob flew the orange/purple Rokkaku from the bridle.  Far too much wind really!

Finally we set up the late Della Porta: 4 squares with two tails.  We do not think that this kite was ‘finished’ and it currently has a bias to the right.  I was surprised that it could be flown at all given the wind speed.

We did have a celebratory Gammel Dansk at the start of proceedings today!




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