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02/07/2018 After Tramore, Ireland

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It was a really delightful weekend in Ireland…  The local aviation authority had designated kite flying permission up to 500 feet between midday and 5:00pm.  So that is basically what we did.

On Saturday the breeze was initially consistent from the SE but became minimal later.  We kept the show on the road flying the Not Zens.  A PA system was provided and we eventually found the audio connection and set about mirroring our recent Blackheath ‘method’ of running a medley of the teams familiar musical accompaniments along with some recent additions.  Overall we had a lot of airtime.

The breeze on Sunday was initially much stronger offshore NNE.  During the course of the afternoon the potential onshore sea breeze occasionally prevailed but between times there were moments when the wind direction was changing by the minute.

On Saturday we flew the JMH 1991 parafoil for an extended period from a ground anchor but on Sunday the turbulence early on proved to be too much.

The CR ‘sun shade/kite storage facility’ in its new configuration worked perfectly even in the early blustery conditions on Sunday.


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