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17/06/2018 Blackheath

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It was a bit of an ‘edge of seat week’ as it was apparent that there was very little or no wind at all in Moscow down on the river.  Wednesday saw an improvement but by that point it was basically too late for creative work by the TV people.  The chance of performing live on the Thursday evening had always been ‘remote’.

Anyway, there was a breeze on Blackheath today from the west.  At times it was too strong for 1.5 full sails and green race rods.  Mid vents would have been better.

We did get some called flying today, not least in response to passers by.  Always amusing to explain how long we have been ‘doing this’.

Almost all set for six in Tramore, Ireland, the weekend after next.  Fine tuning packing is all that is required.


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