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11/02/2018 Blackheath

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Sunny to start but the convection clouds soon developed and eventually became an almost continuous cover.  The westerly breeze was about 15mph but gusting considerably higher.

Mostly Xtra Vents with four wrap spars (which were occasionally overpowered) but once again I was flying the RSS kite with the standard Reflex spars.  In the higher gusts I definitely needed additional brake and it was clear that the ‘tractor’ like stability of the Xtra Vents did have some advantage that may or may not be countered by the lighter weight and speed of turns of the RSS kite.  (A further brake step on the RSS kite may do the trick)

Quite a bit of called flying today but it was limited by the ‘tired hand’ factor.  The lack of warming sun eventually saw us packing a bit earlier than usual.  As luck would have it traffic back to Hackney was slow today!


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