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28/01/2018 Blackheath

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Mostly stable WSW breeze under cloudy sky today.  12mph (probably) gusting to c18 plus but only briefly.

Mostly on 1.5 full vented with green race, (I didn’t look closely). I was flying the RSS with the ‘Diamond’ rods.

There certainly seemed to be a good wind window match between these kites and when I added 2cm ‘forward’ on my line set others in the team found that this sail and configuration worked fine.  I had also tightened the bungees reducing the sail profile deflection to about 2cm, probably less than half than with the factory setting.

Nothing called today.  We were looking out for the occasional breaks in the cloud…

Invites have arrived for Berck and Cervia. Just need to get the ‘team’ up to speed!


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