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30/07/2017 Blackheath

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The Cycle events of the weekend meant that our arrival at Blackheath was a bit delayed this morning.  I must not complain as a spin round the City and Westminster yesterday was, as ever, a bit of a treat!

Slightly blustery SW breeze today so we were on full vents with race rods.

Some called moves today produced some very enthusiastic responses from passers by!  Eventually it becomes a bit difficult to know exactly how to respond to “I’ve never seen anything like it before”.

There was a brief full sunny interlude but the cumulus consolidated into a dark grey mass of clouds that threatened ‘some’ rain.  I had expected a light shower but as we headed towards the Blackwall Tunnel there was a brief deluge!

Exmouth and Portsmouth are all set.  We’ll see what the late summer weather will deliver…


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