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27/06/2017 After Saint-Honore and Swift Current, Canada

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We arrived back in the UK today after a fairly intense 10 days travelling and kiting in Canada.

The first weekend was at Saint-Honore in Quebec.  The site for this event is a live airport.  Flying kites on or close to the third runway was a novel experience.  The other two runways were in use all the time, mostly light aircraft but also military and firefighting craft. 

There was some rain on the first day.  The second day was mostly sunny and ended with one of the best Rev Night Flies that I have experienced.  As the performance was ending the rain started and as the lights shut down with the kites landed there was an intense shower…

The final morning was mostly wet and towards the end of the drier afternoon a thunder storm approached.  We packed kites and then witnessed the formation of a supercell storm with the characteristic cloud formations and final deluge.

We then had three days wandering around Montreal enjoying some of the ‘cultural’ facilities <grins>

The second weekend was at Swift Current in Saskatchewan.  This event has a reputation for challenging wind conditions but we had two days of sunny conditions and fairly benign but changeable breezes.  The gopher holes and their occupants were very much in evidence on the flying field.

We had hoped to be six fliers for both events and we succeeded in finding a volunteer at each one to make the number…


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