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29/01/2017 Blackheath

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We had a critical escalation of the projected costings for the Canada trip but flights are now booked.  I had better set up the 2017 events web page on the Decs site!

The forecast was for rain today but the timing was a bit uncertain.  It was still quite bright in Hackney but on reaching the A12 there was light rain.  This increased south of the river but there was brightness to the south and west.

Walking onto the field there was another short spell of rain but it looked like it was clearing.  By the time we had run out the lines it was stopping.

A lightish southerly breeze so we had opted for mid vents with race frame.  Nothing called but plenty of close interaction.

The bright sky to the south occasionally rendered the Greenwich Park trees an extraordinary colour against a slate black northerly cloudscape.

Raining again now back in Hackney…


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