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5th April 2009 Blackheath

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Another light and variable wind day. No good for Berck training but we did put ATM 'in the middle' for some 3 kite repetitions. There is no point in giving a beginner the easy option.

Jade and I had earlier flown some 'treacle' moves in line and in parallel. I think that once fliers have grasped the concept, as Jade obviously has, there will be scope for interesting developments in team and mega-team flying.

At the end of play ATM had the misfortune to catch the leading edge of the staked kite that he was re-positioning on the ground with his foot. The result was a broken leading edge and a string of silent expletives. He will have to call the local supplier of UL 1.5 spars!

We may go to Dunstable next Friday....

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