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15th March 2009

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Light variable wind today with 180 degree shifts. The fluctuations in wind speed meant that, at times, the 4 wrap spars were taking the strain in the JMH Rev 1 sails. Lighter sparing would have been risky!

The sail I picked up had not had the vertical bungees tightened but once adjusted all was well.

Following with Jacob, Jade and ATM was not inspiring but some parallel work looked quite neat with some crisp 180/stops, up and down.

I have identified one difficulty in 'long arm' technique which is similar to the 'hand to chest' syndrome. Sometimes, a long pull of the arm is required and it may not be intuitive to sweep past at knee level. I notice that Ben has been photographed on a number of occasions in this mode <grins>

Looking forward to another 'not winter' day next weekend!

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Lighter sparing would have been risky!

Both Mw and myself snapped such spars.

I knew that MW lost a Rev 1 Race Rod but did not realise you had a break too! MW may have broken the rod previously!


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