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International Kite Flyer Visits Perth

West Australian


Sorry for the late update, it took more typing than usual, I hope you enjoy my kiting Adventure…


Once again Commitments crowded me in.


After the Pain of not flying on Friday and Monday, I had to get out there.

I put in the effort to get to the Field nice and early. There was a good Solid Wind that was pushing strongly.

I decided to make it a fun day. I pulled out my Supersonic!

I set it out on my 90# x 120’ lines to give me plenty of room to manoeuvre.

I Flew And I had Fun. I had not set any requirements for Practice, It was a Day Off.

But My Fun Fly included many Hovers and Slides, Bicycle Turns etc. All the Moves were done but not in a Practice format.

I had to do a lot of footwork, Lots of strong Gusts and lots of Light patches. I got plenty of exercise walking back and forth. It was a Great Hour’s fly.


Early morning again. The winds were Mild, but not really low enough for the SUL.

I got out the Standard B and put it on my 120’ lines.

The 120’ lines are great, even in low winds. They open it up to a broader Sky with more room to Whump! and Glide.

I want to get some 50# x 120’ and see how the SUL goes in the really light winds. I got lots of Hover, and slide practice in. My Inverted Slide is starting to take shape.

I am also trying to become more aware of my feet, I am trying to keep them moving and Make changes to sail pressure with Forward – Backward moves.


Western Australia Is Proud to be hosting an International Kite Flyer!

SparkieRob arranged a meet with MGower.

(Words cannot capture the Shear Amount of Fun I had this day, Apologies Guys If I get anything wrong, feel free to add or correct)

Rob was already at the field when I arrived at 4:30am. He was not set up though

The Wind was ripping along, so much so we expected to see a Cow fly past at any moment.

A quick reading of the wind showed 30-40kph (18-24mph) average with Gusts to 55kph (34mph).

We shared a look, a kind of Ok Then.

Also it was Cold, well for Perth and Summer. The wind chill was getting in the bones.

Out came the Vented Polo and the Triple Vent both on 120’ lines. After a few minutes of flying I was getting concerned with how much my 3 Wrap LE was bowing, I decided to swap it for my 4 Wrap LE. When I went to swap them I changed my mind and decided to run with Both the 3 wrap and the 4 wrap. Rob and I got a good fight with the wind going. It was very interesting conditions to try out the various moves, Dive stops were awesome.



Just before 6am, it was time for Rob to collect MGower. I got a gust reading of 62kph!!! (38mph!!!)

He left me flying his Polo, about 15-20min later Rob and MGower Arrived. I was flying My Supersonic on 150# x 80’ lines with 11” handles and a Pair of Purple Tails. We did all the greetings and a quick chat, and it was down to more flying. MGower does not have any Vented Sails, so we got him to try out the Triple Vent and the Polo. He also jumped on the Supersonic, which was ripping around in the 35-45kph (22-27mph) (not including gusts).

Sure enough about 7:45 am the Wind dropped down enough for Rob to get out his Vented, and a bit later the Mid Vent. Everyone was flying everything they could, I was hopping between the Triple Vent, Polo and Supersonic.

With the winds at a more sedate 20-30kph (12-18mph) and gusts of 35-40kph (22-25mph) MGower set up his Blast 2-4 for us to try. It was the one I like, the Purple… It took me a few false starts to get my grip right. Hands right down on the Foam, Keeping the Brake lines in tight. It is a really interesting kite and the gusts were really giving a great indication of the Power it has. When Rob jumped on for a turn the Wind was cycling down. He came really close to running a 360 with it too, it was brilliant. Next Time Rob!

As the wind dropped further the Standards and even the SUL were brought out. I am not sure what it got to but it stayed really low for a Half hour or so.

I had the Wonderful opportunity to fly not 1, not 2, but 3 Masterpiece kites! MGower has A Vampire, Lion/Zebra and a Sizzle. Wow! We had different line lengths on each of them, which made it harder for us to fly them together, but we had a go. They all have a great feel to them, but I really like how the Sizzle lights up in the sky. I was slightly tempted to stick the Sizzle under my arm and make a run for it… Thanks so much for a Fly of Your Masterpiece Kites MGower.


At some point I got out my Stack, around half an hour after the wind had dropped low. The stack got shared around and enjoyed thoroughly. I put some matching tails on it to really show it off. The Wind started to Push through again, back up around 25-35kph (16-22mph). Stacks have serious Power in Strong winds.


Eventually it was time for me to head off to work.

It was a Spectacular session, with everyone flying everything they could get their hands on.


I got a Quick flight on the MID again. Keeping it on the Long lines too.

It was a pretty smooth and predictable wind too. I got in as much Inverted Practice as I could.

It was a nice Half Hour.

Thanks for Reading, Feel free to comment, and may the wind be at your back.



Recommended Comments

I'll get that pic of the 3 master pieces AND the 2-Stack to you.

Thursday was a great day. MGower (Chris) and I packed it up at 11! Not bad, 6 hours of kiting before lunch.

Have to do it again and soon.

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Thursday sounds like a heck of a day. Those wind swings you guys get are so dramatic. Sounds like you get to the field and unpack everything, because at some point you will get a chance to fly it. Tuesday would have been my favorite day. I love just getting out and flying, with nothing but the wind and me with no plans.

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Thanks for the comments Guys.

SparkieRob, Yes please on the Doing it again.Let me know when you are free.

bbailey49, I have a free day almost every week. The Practice days are very effective, the Free days are just for Fun

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