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A Sweet Week

West Australian



The Morning started out with some fine Strong winds. I grabbed out the Vented on 120’ lines.

I pushed myself to spend as much of the time as possible inverted. Every time I flipped upright or landed, I went straight back into inverted flight. Hovers and Slides. I think it went well

Tue Arvo:

I only had a half hour to spare, but I continued the Inverted theme, from Monday.

It was A good practice in Moderately Strong winds on the Vented.

Wednesday Morning:

Mid Vent B, 3 wrap frame, 120' lines. winds 5-18mph, bumpy too.

Still at least it was an hour on the lines.

Not so much Inverted, the Winds were a real struggle.

Thursday Morning:

I met up with MGower again, he is on Break for a few days. Very Sadly SparkieRob could not make it.

MGower and I flew from 5am to 9am.Honestly it was all a Blur. We got a Zen, SUL, several STD, Rev 1, Blast 2-4 and supersonic out, flew everything we could and had heaps of fun.


Friday Morning:

Another International Meet

I decided it was time to start filming my kiting exploits so throughout the session I was checking on a little tripod-ed camera. Now don’t get too excited, I am still learning, so not much of the footage is any good. If I can I will post some later.

MGower Started out by rolling out his Pure White Zen. I like this kite, it has a really nice feel and handles the Light air well. I honestly don’t think I do it justice, but I have had fun on it every time I have flown it.

I grabbed out my Rev 1, kitted out with its Race Frame on 120’ lines. I am starting to understand the Rev 1 better now that I have flown it in different conditions. I much prefer the 11” handles over the 13” I get a greater feeling of control on them.

As the Wind was Low but not too dead it was also a good chance to get the STD B series in the Air. MGower and I put them out on 80’ lines.

When the wind died out, I dragged out my Mega Plutz. It’s magic worked and the wind started to pick up.

Very soon the Rev 1 needed the SLE put in. The Rev 1 gets a really solid feel when it has the SLE in. I am really digging the different aspects of the Rev 1.

Just for fun I switched the Rev 1 for the Supersonic, Nice stronger winds = Much faster Supersonic. It was Awesome.

I know I got the Mid Vent out at some point, Not exactly sure when though.

My Next week should be a Big one with a meet planned every morning with MGower. Awesome.

Thanks for Reading, Feel free to comment, and may the wind be at your back.



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Thanks for commenting bbailey49

I have to manage my time well to do this.

Usually I get 20min of airtime in a session, In this week I managed much more.

I do not watch TV, I dont go out.

I get my work done, I take care of things at home, I excercise, I sleep.

All So I can fly every day.

Some people call it Madness or Obsession, I call it Commitment

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