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Back in the Swing of It.

West Australian



The Afternoon provided a chance to get some Rev Air. With a very strong wind and Solid Gusts it was time for the Vented. I grabbed the wrong lines and ended up with the 30’ on field, So I just went with it. I got some great Inverted Hovers in. I also did some work on my Bicycle Turns.


I went in for a morning fly, but it was very dead. If I had a Rev Indoor I might have tried to fly, but I don’t. So I flew a glider instead.

Got to my main field for an Afternoon flight, There were Mid to strong winds. I rolled out the Mid Vent on 120’ lines. With the plan of getting some good Hover and shape flying practice in.

I got to spend a splendid half hour on the Mid. Really putting the effort into owning it’s moves and hovers.


Plenty of wind for the Standard in the morning. Long lines were chosen to give me the room to move.

A few points where it dropped low, But nothing that grounded me. Plenty of Whumping Going on.


Kite Meet!!!!

I got myself to the Park just as the glow of dawn was creeping over the horizon.

The wind was casually rising and falling between light and moderate.

SparkieRob arrived as I was getting my Bag out on the grass. 120’ lines were laid out. Standards and MID’s were assembled and swapped as needed. We did some casual flying sharing the sky and a Laugh. After a while The Stacks were brought out and put on Medium lines. We discovered that Rob’s Medium lines are 80’ while mine are 90’. A little inconvenient but we managed. Mostly with me standing 10’ behind him.

Another friend rocked up, He is not into Quad (no matter how much I try to get him into it) so he set up A Duallie. He was having a bit of control trouble so I launched it for him. Boy that was an odd sensation, I have not flown 2 lines for a while. First thing I noticed… No Brakes! He had a good flight, and switched to a Single Line. I got Rob to try an old single line of mine, and once again he got String burn from it. He is always trying to slice his fingers of with my Single liners.


As the Sun rolled up the sky, Rob and I Alternated between the Stacks and the Mid/Standard.

We only had one grounding collision (which was on the stacks), which was sorted out very easily, I must be improving!

It is a funny feeling though, Going from a Stack of 2 Standard sails to a Mid Vented Sail in Moderate winds. The Stack starts to wear you out, forcing your footwork. Pulling you forward and making you drag it back to gain ground. Then you change over to a Mid Vent that you can barely feel on the end of the lines.


It was really great to get a paired fly again.


Duties got in the way of Fun and prevented any flying.

Next week I hope to Dust off a Supersonic and the SUL, Not the same day though. Unless the Wind is very odd.

Thanks for Reading, Feel free to comment, and may the wind be at your back.



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Seems like a really nice mix of flying. I have a very eclectic collection of Revs, duallies, and SLKs. I mostly fly the revs, but not always and I really enjoy the non rev flying as well. Keep it up

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