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20/11/2011 Blackheath

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Hmmm! Twenty Eleven Twenty Eleven....

The fog did not lift while I was on site today. The sun almost broke through on a couple of occasions but the church and the other local buildings only appeared occasionally as flat grey shapes. The A2 was mostly out of sight. Flying in cotton wool with only 1mph gets disorientating and with no feedback down the lines kites inevitably fall off the edge.

The Zens (Race Framed) worked well even if the lines 'glued' in the wet atmosphere. The real surprise was the CR kite with race frame. 'More brake' after last weekend revealed a great configuration which felt 'crisp' even in the very light air. Looking at the bridle (Rev 1) compared to the Zen it is very interesting how much difference can be achieved in the handling characteristics even if the sails are a very similar area.* All the more reason to check out Carl's bridle configuration in due course.


*The kites were very wet and so, somewhat unusually, taken out of the bags and set up to dry out at home providing the opportunity to check the sail area/geometry.

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