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23/10/2011 Blackheath

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The team kites have been washed and aired thanks to one of the younger members of the the team. There is still sand in the kite bags though! Seems like it is there by default.

Breezy on Blackheath today starting with vented and Green Race Rods but eventually switched to 4 wrap. Could have flown the Mega Vented which would have spared the aching shoulders.

I'm enjoying getting 'tuned in' to a wind speed with a given kite and using the 'long arm' movements to 'pin' the kite for turns and speed, especially when flying slowly. Today I spent some time flying a V shape with a 90 degree turn low down and inward or outward 180 turns at the top of the window. Hitting the diagonals precisely, 'rail track like', out of turns is particularly satisfying. <grins> (piano scales...)


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