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21/08/2011 Blackheath

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Lighter breezes today full 1.5 sail with Race Rods. I had been worried that the tracking moves that I had been working on with the vented kites over the last couple of weeks would not translate back onto the full sail but today I found that everything worked just fine.* Taking it onto the team kites without the JB panelled sail structure will be the next step.

(*Reading back, I find, that of course I had been using the full JB sail on the last weekend in July on the same project!)

Portsmouth next weekend could be interesting or not depending on the willingness of the fliers to get involved outside of their normal comfort zone. I am hoping to see some development of the 'moving grid' as we flew 16 in Long Beach last year and more recently 9 at Sunderland. It would be great to see this at 36 kites...


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