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    On facebook, I'm Katrina Null (maiden name). Not that I consider FB one of my "interests," more a necessary evil. Just if you'd like to find me there...
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  1. I sent a msg to CJ aka exile, since he's not on the forum much. But he still flies kites, and needs people to fly with. He'll be getting in touch with you!
  2. John, how shall people count the column numbers? (Diagram vs. day-of discrepancy) Katrina Bruland (aka Null) and Steve de Rooy, helpers.
  3. Casey and Elmo, I can vouch for the fact that there are "a bunch of different rev types here" at wsikf and many of them are indeed questionable. Lets see, there's that whole jersey crew, some guy with a blue hat and bug goggles, papa smurf and crew, and many buff-clad kite ninjas, for starters. They (we) may look a little weird, but we'll let you try our kites.
  4. Sharp design, Marc. I like it very much. I watched the Berck team video--it popped up after the one above. Right on the beat, very nice!
  5. Say what now? Wayne, my friend, you are in trouble again! I was in fact impressed, as always, with the amazing flight characteristics of the weaves. The are indeed smooth kites. They track beautifully, you just point them in a direction and they go that way in a dead straight line. And 180s are very crisp and effortless. I did switch back to my VTD that day at KP, but only because I wanted to stick with what I'm used to for team flying. Rich, thanks for leaving the loaner with us, you rock.
  6. Hello John, Would you please add: NW SkyLiners Members: Katrina Bruland, Gerry Ralls, Wayne Dowler & Chuck Wiley, alternates Anne & Kevin Vogel, Mark Giadone, Ron Paola. Based in Portland Oregon area. Contact Katrina, [email protected] Also, Team Free Agents is still going strong. You may add my email to that listing. Thank you!
  7. Ah. Yes, well. Ahem. But....what if it's someone's LUCKY tent stake? They may cry tears of joy at its return. Maybe there will be a reward. More likely I'll keep it on hand for someone who arrives off a plane with no stake because they flew carry on only.
  8. I picked this up at the very end of festival, and I forgot all about it until just now! No one was left on the beach...
  9. Yeah, like Watty said, it's all in the hover. Be sure to to practice ALL positions, not just left right up down. With that large of a group, it's hard to predict where you will end up on the big ball. You may find yourself inverted, or facing out at an angle. Unless there's new stuff this year, the ball is the only slightly tricky thing in the whole mega fly. So here's an exercise for you: go hover somewhere, then imagine John calls for a big ball. Pick your spot in the sky and back into it. Hold. Then burst (try slow and fast), and back to ball. Back and forth, over and over--burst and reverse to ball, trying to keep on a straight track. Another very simple exercise: Just try picking points in the sky and flying to them smoothly and accurately. Also practice flying at the very edges of the wind window, including the top and the bottom. It's less comfy there, but it's great practice. Now, don't stress! The mega fly calls are easy and slow. Nothing complicated. Yes there will be a lot of kites in the sky, but you won't even be aware of them. You'll just be looking at your kite and the kites right around you. If regular group flying is like square dancing, then the mega fly is a large group doing the macarena. (!Ay!)
  10. Black sharpie, no problem. Other colors are somewhat water soluble. Esp blue. I colored in the white "revolution" on my kites. To my initial horror, when I tested a little water on it, the water turned blue. So I rinsed it well and folded kite up with a paper towel for the next few uses to see if it would continue to bleed. No problems. Now what does Bazzer use to sign kites? Some metallic paint pen...
  11. Thank you Ben! Merry Christmas!
  12. I just remembered I clipped this from somewhere, because people are always asking about wind ranges. Like SS, I never know the numbers, just the feel! Sorry, since it's a clipped note I have to post it as a link, can't paste. The stated wind ranges given by the company are what is POSSIBLE, whereas this is what is REASONABLE. wind range suggestions Still doesn't tell you how low you can go with race rods in a vtd, but hey it might be helpful. If you get race rods, be sure to get the black ones. There are green ones, and sparkly ones too, but the blacks are the ones that stand it for 2 wraps, weight-wise pretty close.
  13. You know, maybe start with a full vent then. With black race rods (instead of 2 wraps), 3 wraps, and 4 wraps. Midvent would probably be great for you too, but you'll most likely end up with 3 kites then, and you only wanted 1. You can take the full vent down lower than you'd think, if you put the rr in. (don't have wind meter.) But you won't want to learn with the rr. Wait on those until you've got control, no crashes. Learn to fly on the 3s or 4s. Doubtful you'll break a 3, as long as your leading edge is not bending in a scary way. I love my vented kites best of all. They'd be great to learn on if you've got the wind for it, and it sounds like you do. It'll seem like it needs more wind than it does at first. But no worries, once you get skills, you'll find it flies in a lot less wind than you might suppose. Same goes for all the revs.
  14. katrina


    hi TK, so funny but when I looked at the thumbnail, I thought you were me!
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