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  2. Looks like I'm going. I have my flight booked, rental car reserved, staying at the T-Bird. Wife MaryKay and son Chili are are going too. Will be arriving Friday PM. See you all on the beach.
  3. Just checking in here. In the bag right now. 1.5 SUL, 1.5 Vented, B-Series Vented, Rev II, Rev II Vented, EXP, and Sea Devil 1.5
  4. That was at this years Great Lakes Kite Festival in Grand Haven MI. Wind was steady at 25mph with gusts to 36mph.
  5. Buyer was baccdraft. I think I know who that is. Nice snag Mike
  6. I use mine as a travel banner pole if I don't have room for a telescopic pole. Works very well and packs into a spare rev 1.5 bag along with the banner. I'm using three end rods and two center rods and its the perfect length for a 10 foot banner. Oh, and I use a skyshark p300 as a spike into the sand.
  7. Nice stuff. Beside your core members, who made up the team?
  8. I kinda like calling that move a "Mega Matrix". Looks awesome. Totally fills the sky.
  9. Hey Mike, The animation link seems to be broken. http://www.ikeclub.org/Flash/Menu.html
  10. Well, I gotta add my Sea Devil Rev. Started out as a custom, all white, two panel 1.5, Lam Hoac did the rest. Photo by John Chilese at kite party 6.
  11. Actually the vents on the B-Series are slightly wider at the top compared to the SLE 1.5 vented.
  12. On May 10th, IKE will be in Grinnell Iowa. That's within a days drive. There will be plenty of REV flyers to help you out. Probably a Mega fly too.
  13. There are plenty of Rev flyers in the the Mid-West. Where abouts do you call home?
  14. What does a 3 wrap weigh?
  15. Let me tell you, I'm really looking forward to flying at Treasure Island FL
  16. Well, I had on two pair of wool socks, long underwear and Gortex ski pants, t-shirt, long underwear shirt, fleece jacket, Gortex ski jacket, fleece and Gortex hat, neoprene face mask, ski goggles, heavy ski gloves. Important not to have any exposed skin. They say in Wisconsin we have 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad skiing.
  17. Here are a couple of me at the Cool Fool in Milwaukee. Photos taken by Jeff, IKE member. He calculated the wind chill to be about 22 degrees below zero. I was pretty warm for the most part but when I removed my gloves to wind up my lines I was afraid my thumbs were going to break off.
  18. I'll be at the Cool Fool Kite Fest. Veterans Park Milwaukee.
  19. Flight, car and room booked. See you on the beach Sat afternoon.
  20. I have heard that Race Rods will eventually be available for the Rev II.
  21. Most excellent. Thanks for posting the vid.
  22. B-Series STD B-Series Vented 1.5 SUL 1.5 Customized by Lam Hoac (in progress) Indoor Rev 2 Rev 2 Vented And the scary thing is, I've only been flying Revs since May(Grand Haven). I also just noticed that all except the Indoor were purchased new.
  23. Might be a defect in the spar. A 3 wrap can certainly handle 13 mph wind unless you hit the ground funny.
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