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  1. I have been a little remiss, two kites added to my bag, a Teal Vented B and a White Zen. Total should be 13 now
  2. That's just down right evil! Teasing us with info like this and not sending any pictures?
  3. +1 Teal B for me, (with out frame) That should put me right at the average. I hate being just average.
  4. What to call a bunch of flying dragons? While I think Flock would be the correct term, a whole pack of trouble might be just as fitting.
  5. OK, that one caught me off guard. I do understand that there are more "Brett's" in the world than just me but we are still a rare commodity and I know I was not flying yesterday and I was not at LC. Darn email notifications look so personalized when you see your own name there, even if it's not really you. Brett Williams aka, "The Kite Whisperer"
  6. Parish the thought Baloo, what about those times that you just gotta have it, you know,, The Need For Speed! Have to have that Super Sonic or Shock Wave, maybe even that original Blast. Then there are those days that you just need a real "pick me up" tail dragging just a little too much so you get out the 4~8 stack and give your arms a stretch. Let's just face it, we want and need them all. Now if only I could convince my bank account of that.
  7. Steven, I am far from an expert when it comes to the Zen but the experience that I have had with it compares to flying the B series linked directly to the frame instead of going to the bridle. Turns are a lot slower and you have to really take it there, my first few times on Jynx's Zen, I could not even get it off the ground till I shortened up the brake lines almost to where I fly my B in no wind but on much longer lines. On B handles, that is two knots out from the bottom and all the way out on the top. She hates it when I do that and don't tell her (grins) Once you hold it for a little while it starts to feel like a cross between a B and a Blast with out the speed that either will give you. I'm right there with you on the investment point of view, If I were a competitor or a regular performer, I might have already added one to my collection but as a basic teacher, I can't justify the expense just yet. Maybe when I am as good as Johny B, (chuckle) then I will have one or two in the bag and ready to stack them.
  8. John, are you using two separate pigtail lines for the forward and back or is it one line tied off with knots on each end?
  9. Slow reply Kiteking, if you have not found out by now, here are some pictures of the ones that I just made a few weeks ago. They do not have any extra adjustment knots yet but I think you will get the idea, extra knots just like "B" handles. They also make it a lot easier to take down the sack at the end of the day.
  10. John, I am lucky enough to have a friend with a tree service and a bucket truck. 1 1/2 days of humiliation and $50 was the cost to recover the stranded blast.
  11. Now I wish I had thought of a few of those as a way out of it. I thought about starting a most embarrassing flying moment with that photo but dicided to dump it here instead. I was goofing around landing on the tips of a bunch of construction cones set out at my favorite flying field, Veterans Park in Milwaukee, WI. I got bored with the cones as they were getting a little to easy to land on and I decided to set my sights a little higher so to speak. Right there in front of me was this very tempting flag pole with a big brass ball that was baiting me so I took on the challenge. I was doing just fine till the wind decided to add a new dimension to the game and shifted about 30 degrees on me, the kite dropped right over that big brass ball and proceeded to loop the bridle around the top ot the pole leaving me stuck there for all onlookers to enjoy. I know there is a video of it out there some place
  12. That's a lot closer than you might think.
  13. Ding Ding! Yeah, I hit the post button and saw my sig come up. Knew I should have turned off the signature line when I did that
  14. I thought for sure that first comment with this bunch would be about pole dancing. That's close John but not quite.
  15. Just because I promised JB,,, What's going on here?
  16. I'm glad this thread came back to life and just in time for me to add a link to me taking one of my kites for a swim in Madison WI. Short vid with no sound, there was too much wind noise on the camera so I muted it.
  17. I suddenly find my self liking butterflies. I hope you meant the chair is in the garage?
  18. Confirmation received after very little sleuthing, I know who done it!
  19. John, add two more for me, I was gifted a Rev II at the Motts Kite Festival from a lady who had sufferd a stroke and could not feel her left hand well enough to fly it any more and I just picked up a vented "B". New total of 10 for the Kite Whisperer
  20. Thanks for the heads up Jim, sadly, due to finances I am not AKA yet either but it's in the plans. As for my friends, neither of them are kite fliers yet so they would not have thought to join either.
  21. Steve, that is fantastic! We had just been looking at the Sunsetflyers website about a week ago and she had already heard about some of the events at Treasure Island. I will be talking with her tonight and let her know that you are more than happy to intruduce her to the kite bug.
  22. Thanks for chiming in Mike, I'll keep you in mind. My friend is in Scottsdale I believe and I about have him hooked from some of JB's videos as well as one of me whit a stack at our last festival here in Milwaukee. It's hard to describe just how fun Revolution kites are till they see just what they can do. I should be talking to Mitch again on Monday or Tuesday and see how far he is willing to travel to get the Rev bug.
  23. I have a few friends who are interested in kites and Rev's in particular but they are not in my area. Do we have any fliers in the Orlando/Tampa and Phoenix area that might be interested in introducing a few new fliers?
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