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  1. Those are incredible!!!
  2. kittkites

    Rev Sweater

    nice work
  3. kittkites

    Rev Sweater

    Yes it has! What do you think of these?
  4. kittkites

    Rev Sweater

    Here you go Jim
  5. kittkites

    Treasure Island Kite Festival

    Cool Kites!
  6. kittkites

    Rev Sweater

    Thank you. I got the flag idea from a picture that i saw from the Treasure Island Festival of two American flag Revs. The family is good and the baby is getting big! Here is something else i did yesterday
  7. kittkites

    Rev Sweater

    You got it buddy. I'll have it for you tomorrow.
  8. kittkites

    Rev Sweater

    A hooded sweatshirt for my buddy Scott
  9. kittkites

    Rev Sweater

    A new embroidered design on a tote
  10. kittkites

    The humble ground stake

    Those are great!
  11. kittkites

    Rev Sweater

    This one is on a hooded sweatshirt.
  12. kittkites

    Rev Sweater

    Glad you liked it. The machine being used is a commercial embroidery machine. It was actually running at a slower speed in the video. My company offers many different types of signage including screen printing as well as embroidery. It started out as fun but I've made a few hoodies and hats for some local flyers. Ciao Ron
  13. kittkites

    Rev Sweater

    I have decided to turn my winter blues into some winter garments.
  14. kittkites

    Happy New Year 2009

    Happy New Year to all !!
  15. kittkites

    Rev Sweater

    I guess30,000 stitches