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  1. Best of luck to you. Hope all things come together and we can fly again someday. The kite field will be just a little bit lonelier with out you on it. Keep the wind at your back... Jim
  2. I already Did Did I forget to mention that my 20th Anniversary is a Rev I?? I wanted a a True 20th Anniversary Rev, and since it was the 20th Anniversary of the Rev I (not the 1.5) I have a special one signed by the three, Joe, David, and Lolly. and it is framed in Race rods, Awesome Kite. A lot snappier than the regular I, or the Sedgewick, but as I stated before as the wind picks up a little the leading edge gets a geometric shape to it that is a little unnerving. flys great
  3. The Race Frame works in the Rev I I have it for my 20th Anniversary and it is quite the different kite as the wind picks up the leading end will flex into a geometric shape, but the kite seems to become more snappy I wouldn't fly it in too much wind as the flex can be a little unnerving
  4. Kent- That is one Impressive list And I thought I had a few
  5. I think my original intent was the Revolution Masterpiece Series as coordinated and sold by Revolution. But, if you have a one off Rev, that is also a piece of Art, the idea was to 'Register' the kites so that if one were to stray from it's proper home, the Rev community could help it find it's way home. So if you want to share a picture, I'm sure everyone would like to see it BTW, I can see your personal pic now, don't know why I couldn't before.... hmmm
  6. You can never have too many kites, geesh, everybody knows that
  7. I don't see a pic to the left of your posts?
  8. Hi All- Here is a little story, bear with me... There is a topic for the Thirteen Colonies Masterpiece kites and who has them, and in trying to verify which one I had, I started to melt down. It was no where to be found. I had purchased it when living in the 'old' house so it had to be moved. I remember hand carrying it as I wouldn't let a mere moving dude, touch it. New House, New Son, fast forward to a photo shoot at the local photo studio. Took a few Masterpiece Series to liven up the background of the photos with the Little Rev Flier. To my memory (and it ain't what it used to be obviously) that was the last time I saw it. I've been searching for the kite ever since the post started tallying their owners. I'd search a little and it wouldn't be there, etc. etc. I think you are starting to get the point, not quite a melt down on where that [email protected]#$$$%% kite was, did I lose it, did I leave it at a field, did I leave it at the studio, was it gone for good.... AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! So after I had my little 'episode', my lovely wife calls me at work yesterday (very long search) and says does it look like this and describes it perfectly. I still have it, weight off shoulders, world is good again. But that got me thinking, these are works of art, no two are identical, and it's not like you can say, hey, I lost mine (or God forbid someone stole one) can I order a new one. We all hear about the missing bag, or stolen kites, one of these could be in it. So we need a registry and what better place than here. So I thought I'd start a topic for the complete list of All the Masterpiece Kites. So here are the designers: Scott Skinner - 5 Original Skinner Jon Burkhardt - 5 Hopi Ron Gibian - ## Rising Phoenix & ## Archi-rhythm Jose Sainz - ## Stallion & ## Wings Randy Tom - ## Lady in the Mask & ## Samurai Girl Barry 'Bazzer' Poulter - ## Sizzle, ## Eyes, & ## Dragons Eliot Shook - ## New, and different, how do we classify these new works of art? American Series - Not a limited edition? Thirteen Colonies - 13 ##- Designates that I'm not sure on the edition size, so help out if you can. If we keep this updated, if any show up anywhere with someone other than the rightful owner, we'll know where they should be living. So who has them? Chime in with which one(s) you have and Maybe JB will pin this topic so we'll always know where they all are. :confused!: I don't know if they are all numbered, but you can post the color scheme, and maybe a picture or two
  9. OK, I'm confused? :confused!: Doug you say you have number 9 and that Ed has 12, but I seem to remember you purchasing the North Carolina which would be 12 and I tried to buy 8 (South Carolina) but it was sold already, or something, so I have #9 (New Hampshire, 'Live Free, or Die') I just checked mine again and it is number 9. (long story about moving, not being able to find it and freaking out, etc. etc.) So Doug, which one do you really have?
  10. Hello, 1 My name is Jim and I am not a Kiteaholic, ok, maybe, just maybe, I'm a kiteaholic. 2 I have no idea how many kites I have currently, 5 years ago I had over 200. 3 Mostly I fly kites, when I'm not working to pay for new kites. 4 The last time I flew was too long ago. 5 On that day, I flew anything I could. 6 The local people at the park call me Jim, cause that's my name, I said it earlier, you forgot already... I don't want to know what else they call me, geesh. 7 Soccer (football) players do not know the proper use of a KITE FIELD, neither do golfers. 8 The next kite I'm considering is a(n) _______________. <-- now why would I tell 9 I'll fly SLKs. 10 I'll fly dualies. 11 I'll fly quads. 11.5 I'll fly tri. 11.6 I'll fly anything we can figure out a bridle for... 12 My favorite place to fly is where there is wind. 13 When I fly, I usually am having a fantastic time. 14 If I listen to music at the field, it's most likely due to some <bleeeeeeeeep> with their car stereo cranked too loud. 15 The best color on a kite is what's on it. 16 The worst color on a kite is... Is there a worst color, It IS a Kite afterall? 17 My favorite color combination on a kite is on the one I'm flying. Keep the wind at your back...
  11. Boy, I'm late to this topic. Having been written up in a few newspapers and local magazines from the midwest to the southeast including Southern Living the Carolina version regarding flying kites and how my Wife and I met. To Sum up the lengthy story, First I've been flying kites for the second time since the late 80's. Was going to a Kite Festival in Wayne NE in the early 90's, a buddy who wanted to tag along was asking specifics of where to meet and Future Mrs. was walking by him while on the phone and invited herself along saying 'I Fly Kites'. There was room in the car so... 1 year later at the Callaway Kite Flight I bought 2 Rev II's one for her (Blue and Pink) one for me (Blue) 5 years after first meeting at the same Kite Festival I proposed (5 years was probably due to the name of the festival, "Chicken Days") Been Married since 2000 and had a little Kiteflier in Dec '06. Been going to festivals and flys as much as possible, slowed down with the little one a bit (he gets fussy and haven't figured out how to put him down for a nap on the field yet, any ideas?) BTW, she did fly kites and she meant stunt kites. Her dad had a Hawaiian that he had difficulty getting into Saudi just before the Gulf War, luckily someone in line behind him at customs said the native term for 'Kite' while he was being forced to put it together. So Kite relationships can work
  12. Yes, unfortunately, Tube tails take too much off the Rev, however, ribbon tails are awesome. GKPI has some ribbon tails that are inexpensive and don't add the drag to the Rev, and seem to add just enough when putting on a show.
  13. So you have a SkyDragon, a Custom SkunkDancer, and the SkyEnigma. nice.... I'm told David won't be making them much longer, it's a shame for such a good looking show kite, maybe someone will continue the design.
  14. Nice video, too bad you can't see the detail on the kites. Are they all standard skydancers? Too bad Rev doesn't make skydancers huh?
  15. I wonder how well it flys??
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