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  1. Thanks for the videos Mike! What fun it was!
  2. A little trip report here.... . Totally blown-away! http://teamairnergy.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/ricv-berck-sur-mer/
  3. What a great festival! Fantastic to meet so many great folks there!
  4. I'm afraid we can't get away from the daily grind of work for that long a stretch ...anyway, very excitied and waiting to soak in the fun.
  5. First time to Europe for the team. AirNergy will be there 13th-21st Apr
  6. We are (the Team) quite likely....*Keeping fingers crossed*
  7. Hi John, I have some updated information for you Singapore - Team AirNergy. Website : http://teamairnergy.wordpress.com Contact : Chua Lin Email : On website or team.airnergy(at)yahoo(dot)com Thanks for updating!
  8. Here's our 2 routines for this year. Routine 1: Ip Man Routine 2: New World Dvorak No. 9 (Struggling for wind at the start ) Hope you will like it. Your likes serves as encouragement for us!
  9. On the side topic of Skybond, we tried it against #90 Speed line for a day of team flying on each set, 120 ft. We have been using LP Gold all the while. The #100 Skybond gives a weird vibrating feedback down the lines when the wind picks up. It's really weird though. No issues with the slipperiness or the elastic response that John mentioned. Perhaps we only had a relatively short time on it. The Speed doesn't have as such a "solid" feel on the lines compared to Skybond or LPG. Feels a little "spongy". The weirdest thing was that we felt a slight binding up during a 4-man compound benefit. This was never apparent on Skybond or LPG. For comparison, I've been using Speed for dual line for many yrs and binding was never much of an issue. Hope to hear of more experience from anyone.
  10. I travel frequently but have a 31inch suitcase when I go. The regular rods just about fits diagonally.
  11. My mate will be meeting you in SG to Jakarta. It will be a tight fit on the rooftop of the Marina Barrage. The predominant wind will be from the sea towards the back of the pic. Gonna hit the walls of the Barrage before cascading over the roof top. . You'd get fantastic view of the central biz district, the Bay Sands Casino and the Singapore Flyer to make up for it.
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