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  1. Thats a terrible thing to have happen, Amy. I copied your post to our forum, and hope they will turn up soon. Keep us posted... -Chris
  2. OK folks, pics from Mots are up here- http://www.ikeclub.org/Forums/album_cat.php?cat_id=70
  3. Put me down for five... Looks like I've got a ways to go to make the average!
  4. For the best of both worlds, get the B series vented! I have the b standard, and LOVE it! I have also had the opportunity to fly the vented b several times, and will be getting one here shortly. I have the 1.5 vented, and usually fly with a 2 wrap myself. But IMHO there is a noticeable difference when flying the b, it's just a more precise kite.
  5. Now that the spars are here, does that mean the new Rev is soon to follow?
  6. clrizz


    never say never
  7. Speaking of masterpiece... a little suprise turned up at the Frontier Kite Festival in Naperville last week. Courtesy of Al Sparling... It was sight to behold, and a joy to fly!
  8. Here is a progressive stack IKE threw together last weekend. The winds were more or less nonexistent, but it flew very well, even in the light winds. We did have some issues with reverse though, it may have been the lack of wind http://youtube.com/watch?v=NIB6-ZmE3Wo
  9. Here is my new (old?) addition to my Rev collection. Since I have to wait a few months before I can purchase a vented B, I decided to vent my first 1.5. I haven't had a chance to fly it yet, but I'll get it out one of these days. I have to say the B series is the best Rev yet! I just picked up a standard B, and man, what can I say...I love it!!!! It feels more precise than either my 1.5 or SUL. It flies like the vented with a snap in its step. Congrats to all involved at Revolution kites, and a big thanks to John for all the little details that make this (IMHO) the best Rev yet!
  10. What length line do competitors typically fly on?
  11. Just to clarify for myself, the technical routine is just strictly a skills thing, while ballet is more of an interpretive performance? BTW, I'm the other one from IKE looking to give competition a try starting this June at Perry farms.
  12. The big question is, how do we know what has been changed without comparing every page we have printed already?
  13. IRBC? I'm still learning all these acronyms :oops:
  14. Has anyone mentioned maybe including some of the more difficult STACK figures? And maybe some tips on flying in these choppy midwest winds! :wink: I like the idea of slack line tricks with a rev, I was just excited to do flic flacs, I am now struggling through axels. Can do them once in a while, but not consistently...yet!
  15. Illinois Kite Enthusiasts (IKE) is up and running!! Any and all who are interested in joining the latest and greatest active kiteclub in Illinois, can visit www.ikeclub.org. Registering for the forum also means becoming a member of IKE. No dues no obligations, all of our costs so far are picked up by our sponsor, Chicago Kite/Kite Harbor. Remember, we are an active club, so we do try to get together every few weeks for fun flys, so stop in and say hi. Our goal is to make this the biggest and best club in the midwest to promote our passion and love of kites! See you folks there!!!
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