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  1. we need more infos, please! when will they be available?
  2. should perform lovely ?
  3. chewbaka

    Nice stack

    does anybody have some pictures of the stack with 32 rev 1s?? if so, please post it!
  4. chewbaka

    Nice stack

    arggh! thats a lot. but we will work on it! we will not have enough of rev 1s, but 33 x 1.5 should look even great
  5. chewbaka

    Nice stack

    do you want some more pictures of this stack? here it is: 18 rev 1.5; pilot: matze stabkill klimke we also tried it with 20 kites. but the wind was not what you for 20 kites. but we wil try on. our aim are 30 kites, because we saw a picture with 27 kites in one stack.
  6. yes, the guys are "dietmar schlottig" and "nico low". i am sorry to say, that nico is not into rev-flying any more. my friend "schlotti" is still flying and i will meet him next weekend. the revs they use, are custom mades, measured close to the 1.5 rev. believe it or not: schlotti loves to fly with the SLE indoors!
  7. the most beautiful color on my "meditation monster"
  8. more pictures of this day: webalbum zen
  9. chewbaka

    Zen Play

    the zen-video with matze is now online with a higher resolution:
  10. chewbaka

    Zen Play

    hi chris, you can see two vids of the "tiger" her: tiger vids i had a lot of trouble yesterdy whilst comppressing the video. today i downloaded some new freeware. so i hope, i can upload a better quality-vid soon.
  11. chewbaka

    Zen Play

    jepp! this is a very nice video! but me, as a very old sailor, i am judging the wind a little stronger than announced in the videos context ! but, no doubt at all! great flying in low winds! with some money, my strongest whip, with the love of my "labrador-lady" i could get my "adopted son matze" to follow me in the snow. there he had to fly the zen in even less winds, as shown in "zen-play-video", .....but more snow, than john had "on the docks". merely to say, that this "big-little-man" is able to fly a wooden toilets-door in indoor conditions, as soon it is attached to four lines. ;-) here a poor-quality-video. shot with my canon powershot. we didn´t take care of the video-quality, but wanted to show, what is possible, when the talented pilot gets "a good tool" in his hands. ( 8,5 minutes ~ 14,5 MB) have a look at: the german answer to "mr. JB" ;-) having watched this video and still arent tired of watching "white THINGS"? ok, than have a look at an web-album i took whilst matze was flying: zenGHOST in the snow what i want to say is: " IT IS NOT ONLY THE WIND; THAT MAKES A KITE MOVE! it needs a skilled pilot! and a very lot of talent should be available, too! btw: john, whats about a trip to germany? i can get you in touch with that skilled AND talented kite-flyer. sorry, that you AND TK have to come to germany, but matze and me............................................................... .......we ran out of money (spended all for kites) ;-) have fun folks and remember: there is a big difference between "kneeling down and " bending over"! ;-) (you know, who said this first? send me the name of the author, an i´ll invite to a nice "kiter´s dinner", you just have to com to germany with johnB" ;-) again, please excuse my bad english! anybody who prefers german, can watch the topic here: german "drachen-forum"
  12. i want more pictures! more details! hurry! ;-) i want some "flight-reports". which length of flying-lines do you recommend?
  13. i do not use bunjees at the LE anymore! the caps are fixed with bridle-line on my kites. have a look: the caps are tied downwards as much as possible = no snag! this ist practised by team4fun since years, works fine.
  14. jepp! it was me, who has "stolen" the link to kiteshoppe from this forum and transferred it "to germany". but here, in this threat it is easier to find. so what´s new about the spars?? we need some "official" information. ;-)
  15. maybe you want to ask "kisa". she does a lot of painting on kites. kisa´s page she uses an ink called "skytex". next: there are some spanish guys, who even print on icarex: printed revs i saw a lot of revs and other kites with paintings. most of them were beautiful, depending on the skill of the artist. you should start to paint on white icarex, because it is difficult to "guess" the final color, if you add your painting on a colored fabric. get some pieces of icarex to test first. even with "permanent markers" you can draw very nice things on a sail. in germany we can buy "refill-bottles" for permanent markers. you can applicate this with a brush or whatever you want. should be available in the US, too. and, maybe best for calligraphics. have look at shops, that offer paint for airbrushing. they have paint, speciallized for fabrics. it is really not a problem! just give it a try!
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