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  1. ramakristan

    Leela on holiday

    Leela sure know how to enjoy herself.
  2. Happy Belated birthday John. May your wish come true. chris
  3. Lovely pictures from Wildwooods, thank for sharing. Guess Rev kites always steal the show. Revolution kites ROCKS !!! chris
  4. Hi Bri, That skull Gothic is a beauty, another Masterpiece in your bag, when can we get to see it you holding and smiling away with your latest collection. Rev kite designs are just awesome, can't wait to see more pictures of you flying at kite festivals. chris
  5. When I started to learn the bicycle turns, I was going all wrong, then a friend of mine showed me the bicycle exercise swing, where your hands hold the handles while at the same time the legs swing. The momentum of the hands are the same, the trick now is to make a round circle toward us at clockwise direction. Do it slow when starting and when you get better as you turn faster, keep it focus on the same point. So, every time when I fly, I will do some practices clockwise and later anti-clockwise bicycle turns. Practices make perfect. Hope it helps. cheers, chris
  6. Guess you all guys having a big blast at Wildwoods and resting away after a 4 days festival, can't wait to see the pictures coming into the gallery. A good rest will eventually charged everyone batteries. chris
  7. John, Just watched the Indoor pairs video, what an awesome flying, now I am thinking of getting an indoor Rev. Your video is very inspirational and thank you for sharing with us. May I know the length both you & de Rooy flying ??? cheers, chris
  8. Tahniah Choccy, Though a bit late on the tahniah, guess everyone has seen your no snag handles, looks cool !!! chris
  9. Hi Itv, Padang Timur, is it the place at Amcorp Mall ?? If it is, yes, I am going but I don't think I will be flying, doing kite workshop with Danny, once free, then I will join you all guys for flying. Cheers, chris
  10. Hi Itv, Is that you, Takriz where I adjusted the brake line for you at 50' at Desa Park City ??? chris
  11. Hi Alden, Guess you are also ready for a blast this weekend at Wildwoods, drive safely and set up your Sat Nav on course to Wildwoods. Have a great weekend. cheers, chris
  12. Hi Laura, Yes, one day, maybe not this year, a good chance in future that I will popped up at Wildwoods I heard so much from the wonderful people here. I have never been to US though I have travelled lots of times to England, central Europe and a few Scandinavian countries. I will plan next trip to be in US esp during the 3rd week of May and from there fly off to Calgary, Canada to catch some time with a closed friend of mine, he has been calling too many times. Yes, I have been to the web cam many many times, day & night, thought someone would be flying under the street lampost. Thank you. How convenient the technology of today where I am from Malaysia can view it, it still amaze me at times. Yes, it will be great to see some of the pictures from Wildwoods, in fact dieing to see it, hahhahahha. Here is my email in case you have the time, [email protected] Much appreciated. Send my regards to everyone esp Watty, have a good blast at Wildwoods, relax and enjoy. cheers, chris
  13. Wow, I can't believe it, everyone heading to Wildwoods this weekend while me sitting at home reading all heading by ferry, by truck, by car and whatever for an exciting weekend. Hopefully, one day I will get to go there to fly with you all as well. That is my dream one day. Anyway, hope you all have a blast time, don't forget to snap more pictures. Guess things will be quiet at the forum, I take charge from today till the weekend, hahhaha !! Enjoy yourself guys !!! cheers chris
  14. Hi John, I am sure you can show Watty a thing or 2 about dogstakings, I believe Watty will do good, not only has he improved leap and bound, he is also I believe the fastest improved Rev flier. Look at him a year or 2 back when he showed up at Wildwoods or was it another kite clinic , he was showing a keen interest and now, he is showing us on videos, that is just awesome. Watty, I believe in you. You can do it while Nike will just say, Just Do It ........ cheers chris
  15. Hi Watty, With your tutorial videos, I am getting to learn and fly better esp the clockwork, though not easy and with lots of practices, I am very sure I will pass with flying colours soon. Remembered when you started it, and look at you now, I am very proud of you with the videos you shown via U Tube have helped all be it beginners or intermediate, keep it up and can't wait to see your next video. Can I suggest doing the dog stake ??? Cheers chris
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