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  1. Can the spider web reinforcements be tied into the leading edge sleeve so there isn't such a long strip of mesh without reinforcement? I seems like the mesh is the weakest link; once a tear starts, it keeps going even with super gluing.
  2. I agree, 120' lines are better if your preference is to slow things down and increase precision and smoothness. The extra drag slows the kite down and extra line droop dampens your inputs. My flying style preference is the opposite of most flyers and those conditions. Slow flying for me gets boring very rapidly. Collision avoidance in team flying entertains me only so long; then, I need speed. Flying a Rev2 / B2 over a 1.5 is preferred for that reason, and by default, flying alone rather than team. I like the challenge to flying as smoothly and precisely as possible under shorter line conditions that are faster, less precise, and more ragged. Approximately 80' line length gives me the quickness and responsiveness I prefer over longer lines. Yet, it is long enough to provide enough wind window for the length of dive stops, slides, and number of cartwheels I like to do. I'm sure there are other flyers that prefer even much shorter line lengths than 80' or 120' for the same reasons.
  3. I learned to fly a Rev2 on 85' lines and have flown that way with all types of Revs for years. Got 120' lines a few years ago to fly 1.5 with others. The main thing I noticed besides larger window with the 120' lines was the kite seemed much smaller and less "personal / intimate" on the longer lines. The shorter lines have less drag and less drooping, for a more solid input feeling. For my style of flying experience and zen mood, my preference is the 85' lines when flying alone.
  4. +1 "Instead, feel what the kite wants to do." Light wind finesse flying: Sometimes you fly the kite. Sometimes the kite flies you.
  5. That would be great, except I'm leaving for Vancouver and Lincoln City Monday morning. Sure would be glad to get together for a fly another time.
  6. If interested in the Spokane area, you might want to search for kite stores or clubs there. They might be able to put you in touch with someone to fly with, or the best places to fly.
  7. I'm in Walla Walla, about an hour to Tri-Cities, if you are in this part of Eastern Washington. Best area in WW to fly is at the Community College on the grass practice field between the baseball fields and basketball dome. I only flew once in Tri-Cities at soccer fields by the Trac. Not sure if they approve of non-soccer usage, but only one game going end of October, so I went to the opposite side of all the fields. I had all the beach bunnies to myself.
  8. The above excellent answers about the 1.5 series address your primary preferences of some pull, moderate speed, precision, and wide wind range using a couple types of frames, These characteristics also make the 1.5 series very easy to learn to fly and to participate in group or team flying. Your favorite dual line flying is diving straight down and turning sharply to skim along the ground. All the Revs will do the dive stop and dive/turn/skim type stuff. The Super Sonic and B2 will do that stuff with more speed and give you an adrenaline rush, when that is your goal. They are more suitable for your second, third, ..... or Nth kite, since they have more speed and less precision than the 1.5 series. B2 is my personal favorite, but I seldom fly in groups and have a preference for twitchy and speed over precision and slow. The Rev 2 (predecessor to the B2) was my first Rev and was able to learn how to fly with it (admittedly with more difficulty than a 1.5 would have been). The Super Sonic pulls hard in higher winds. The B2 pulls light in higher winds. Both have vented versions if you want to fly in gales. My wife's favorite beach town is a kite boarder spot with winds often over 30 mph and too much for even the B2 for any length of time. I was often frustrated with the high winds until I got a vented Rev 2, which I can fly for hours in 30-35 mph winds, with decent control and able to most tricks except slack line tricks (which I don't do in light winds either). I usually stop flying because I'm tired of eating sand, not due to tired muscles. When that kite wears out, I'll get a vented B2.
  9. You'll also think the kite is possessed if you launch with the left and right side handles in the opposite hands!!!
  10. SLE is super leading edge, which is a larger diameter and heavier frame with very little flex compared to the 2 & 3 wrapped frames. The SLE takes more wind and has less precision (more twitch from gusts and beginner flailing) than the 2 & 3 wrapped frames. The SLE was the normal frame before the B series of 1.5s came along. Most fliers that had kites with SLE frames replaced them with 3 wrap, 4 wrap, or a combo of 2&3 wrap for a leading edge. I'm one of the few that still likes the SLE frame when there is enough wind for it. The extra mass makes it easier to toss the kite around when momentum is needed. That makes cartwheeling further to the edge of the window easier and better side slides. However, I don't fly in groups or need the extra precision and control that the 2 & 3 wrap provide.
  11. I can't tolerate too much pull. I only fly SUL and some UL dual line kites; the standard versions beat me to a pulp. For quad line, the B1.5 standard and vented and the B2 standard and vented cover all but the lightest wind range and keep the pull manageable. We go to Manzanita, OR every year, which is a popular kite boarding spot (high wind). I bought the vented B2, prior to that the vented Rev 2, for that beach. I can fly in 30 mph wind for several hours at a time. Before I got the vented 2s, I was grounded and frustrated most of the time. As mentioned above, the vented versions smooth out the gusts and a beginner's flailing inputs. Also, the larger and slower 1.5 version is easier to learn on than the 2. I learned on a Rev 2, without anyone to show me the ropes, except for the inverted hover. At a festival, someone told me I was over-controlling (too big of inputs) and that solved the inverted hover problem.
  12. Super sonic has very fast side slides, too, in addition to fast forward and reverse as mentioned above. Inverted side slides inches off the ground are a thrill. I mostly use 85' 90# line and sometimes 150#, but I usually don't fly in higher winds. I'd fly this kite more, but the pull is too much for my old body. Much above 12 mph for any length of time beats me to a pulp. Much below 8 mph it loses the speed and control that makes it a thrill to fly. In other words, the sweet spot is 8-12 mph for my preferences.
  13. For Charleston: Folly Beach has restrooms and a great pizza place near the beach. A couple blocks before the beach is Crab Shack, excellent restaurant. Isle of Palms Beach was also a fun fly. Mt Pleasant has a Longhorn Steakhouse - bacon wrapped fillet mignon with shrimp was way over the top excellent. I flew at both beaches twice. Free parking available on the side streets off the roads running parallel to both beaches, pay parking on the parallel roads.
  14. The 3-piece leading edge B2 in its kite sleeve is slightly less than 29".
  15. Welcome to the forum reving sonic. It seems like you need more brake in the line set-up, longer top lines relative to bottom lines. Assuming all four lines are the same length, use pigtails (short bridle lines with about six knots every 1/2" and larks headed to the top of the handles) to lengthen the top lines and putting more brake into the set-up. Larkshead the top lines further out on the pigtails until you reach a comfortable setting for your wrist to make forward, hover, and reverse inputs. PS: Forgot you said there's no bridle, until reading below. Adjusting brake won't help until you get one.
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