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  1. Ok kiters, need some advise. I have had a Rev. 1.5 since when they first came out (1990s) and have flown it fine, nothing fancy just up down sideways, fig 8s ect. Well I picked up a different brand (OSK Vertigo) same size and shape of the 1.5. When I went to fly it yesterday I hooked up my old rev lines/ handles and had a hard time getting it up. I had to move the top leader all the way to the handle top to get it forward enough to launch. I still had to launch with thumbs all the way back. BTW I did not try flying the Rev to see if it was the kite or what. This leads me to a few questions. Is there a difference between these two kites, if so what? Do you think you can stack a rev.1.5 with a same size OSK Vertigo? What can I do to tune this thing where when flying it my elbows are up as far as they can go with thumb's back to my shoulders. Thanks Gunner K.
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