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  1. I want to thank everyone that responded and to several that actually reached out to Lindsey for me. He did respond to me very quickly and apologized with no excuses and says he will have my lights in the mail next week! Cant wait! Thanks again
  2. I ordered and paid for a light kit for my Rev Kite from Northern Lights (facebook - Lindsey Wisdom Johnson) back in July of last year. I have written him4 times but he does not respond and I have not received the lights. Does anyone know him or how to get ahold of him? I am really looking forward to some night flying!
  3. I ran across an article ... I THOUGHT... on kitelife about new LED kit that would attach to the REV and it seemed to have good reviews but I have since come back and can find nothing about it. Does anyone have any good experience with lights on the REV and who sells them?
  4. Have a trip coming up and will be around a beach so am curious if I would be able to bring Rev Kite along as carry on. It is 3" too long to get into my suite case. I guess it is the shafts that they might not like. Thanks!
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