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  1. enzo

    B-Series Pro & Zen Colorizer

    My new set of Pro's, made without the new colourizer..... (but with good old Paint) Alard
  2. enzo

    STACK Movie Netherlands

    Nice my friend Alard
  3. enzo

    Happy Birthday Alard !!

    Thanks everybody, had a great day (except the flying part ) Hope you had a great day to Carolyn! Alard
  4. enzo

    Happy Birthday mr Tyrrell

    Congrats, hope you had a good day Gary and a Leffe (or two) Alard
  5. enzo

    Happy Birthday Mr Hoath!

    Happy Birthday Stephen Alard
  6. Happy Birthday Lolly! Alard
  7. enzo

    Happy Birthday Madquad

    Hi Marc, to you my friend, enjoy it! Take a Leffe (or 2) Alard
  8. enzo

    Happy Birthday Hezz

    Happy birthday Hezz! Hope to see you again soon and drink a together Alard
  9. enzo

    New team kites for Time Out!

    I'm so happy with our new team kites , they look absolutely FANTASTIC! Big thanks to all the people involded and Revolution a awsome company! I'm sure gone love flying these baby's Alard
  10. enzo

    Happy Birthday Mr.Kitelife!

    Happy birthday, John Alard
  11. enzo

    Happy Birthday Jose Luis

    Happy Birthday Guiseppe!! Say hello to Nati and the rest, hope to see you next year Alard
  12. enzo

    Happy Birthday Gary

    Hi Gary, Many congratilations to you my friend. Hope that you have a nice day and that we may see you on many more festivals Alard (Time Out)
  13. enzo

    Happy Birthday Stephen

    Happy Birthday Stephen!!! Hope to see you next year Alard
  14. enzo

    Global Rev Count.

    Well OK , two 1.5's for me. Custom rainbow SUL an B-series mid-vent Alard
  15. enzo

    Revolution Event 2008

    Hi Felix, We will give 'in line flying' some extra attention in teampractice, should be no problem But i don't know the short film you're referring to, so please fill me in. grtz. Alard