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  1. Hi all, A question. I have an older model 1.5 classic and just purchased the newer 1.5 classic with the reflex system. The older model has endcaps on the leading edge which have to be placed over the end of the LE. The newer model has endcaps that have to be placed inside (inserted into, so to say) the end of the LE. Both work fine with their respective kites. Now, the older model kite was also delivered with a superlight two-wrap frame. This obviously works with the endcaps placed over them - they were designed for that. Does anybody know if I can also use these two-wrap rods with the newer kite, where the endcaps are placed inside? Do they take the strain? Are they fit for that? I’d like to try, but am not sure if this will break the rod. Anybody with experience?
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