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  1. I know we hit you with the text bomb earlier....But I figure now that you are the big 40 you might have forgotten.....Happy Birthday Ant for the first time again today
  2. I would completely agree with the RevWizard. If you are flying to Hard Rock/Metal the 1.5 would be a better choice. What kind of winds are you flying in? The Zen usually does not come out to play unless the winds are super light.
  3. You could also try getting a race frame (or green race frame for stiffness) for the rev 1. That should lighten things up a bit.
  4. Raindar is amazing. (does not work on samsung devices) If you need a super fast radar app check it out. I keep that shortcut on my homescreen it is fantastic.
  5. That hit me the same way. Hey Rich, Sorry. Fly with you soon. -Steve
  6. The Recrap.... Breakfast went off with out a hitch. Wind. Started with full sails then mids & full vents came out to play. Hordes of people wandering around. There was an MS walk going on in the park. Big smiles, bad jokes, & a whole lot fun. Not a drop of rain to be had.
  8. I searched all over and cant find a download site
  9. Ben, There is a photo you took a few years ago. Purple B-pro reflecting in a puddle of water on the beach. That one has always been one of my favorites. (you were not in the shot....kite only)
  10. SPEECH! SPEEEEEEECH! Only kidding (make a speech if you want to) Congratulations Lolly.
  11. Hello Mark, I am sure the rag tag bunch from Jersey will show whenever /wherever you do. We have come a long way since your last trip to Liberty State Park. (some cold afternoon with Scott & Jojo) -Steve
  12. What a fantastic day... Started off very light (Zens up) Things picked up (Full Sail) and more Mids, Full Vents & Mesh. That has been some of the smoothest winds ever at LSP. Thanks to everyone who came out to play today. Wayne, Barb, MJ, Smitty, Rich, Andrew, Sammy, AL,..... Who is missing?......Hmmmmmmmm??? A great start to hopefully a great year:)
  13. Weather Schmeather........There is no better way to start 2012. See you on Sunday! Shifty winds & a rag-tag bunch of shifty flyers. What more do ya need?
  14. Hey Ant, Happy Birthday. Hope all is well with the you and the rugrats. You are getting older and they are getting faster. enjoy
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