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  1. Ok, will persevere. Having read some old posts, they talk about that in detail so I'll go back over it. Kiteworld here in the uk are making me up 30ft and 50ft lines from a stock 80ft... just to try something different. Handy when the beach is busy with dogs and people at high tide. Again, some old posts cover the pluses and minuses of short lines in detail... or least their opinions!!! This is one of my fly sites on Dartmoor... The standing stones are 2-3 thousand years old...thanks again...
  2. Hi, thanks for that. Yeah I've noticed it's a bit quiet these days. KiteLife seems a good option. Problem here at the mo is we're either getting your left over storms tracking in from the West or, like today, hardly a breeze. Season I guess. Have you had any experience flying the RX Spider and is it worth adding to my XX and RX to cover most useable wind speeds? Still having problems flying anything in low wind conditions.
  3. Hi, I'm new to this site. Already have two Rev kites which I fly on Dartmoor and local Torbay and Dawlish beaches. I'm looking to meet up with others in this area and especially anyone with the skills I'm trying to master to give me a few tips. I've got some of the basic flying skills sorted with my Reflex XX and RX so not a complete beginner. Cheers.
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