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  1. Thanks for the response frob! The Lyon Township Kite Festival is where I saw Rev's for the first time! I will certainly visit that show and it will be fun to talk to them. I'll have to get their schedule while they are at the show! That field is where I went for my first flight and will certainly be back! I'll also have to look into SkyBurner Kites in Plymouth, thanks for the suggestion. I've noticed this Forum has been pretty quiet. Are there other forums and resources that Rev flyers use to share and communicate?
  2. I realize this is a really old thread, but I was looking to do something similar. I wanted to make some labels for my kite tube and I'd like to have the Rev logo on it. I would love to get permission and a copy of a vector art type logo I could use. I appreciate the help!!!
  3. I'm a proud new owner of a Rev RX and just joined the forum. I live in the southeast Michigan area (South Lyon). I've been flying some 2 line kites for a few years now. I saw a Revolution demonstration at a local kite festival in my area. I was amazed and had to have one. I've been saving my pennies and finally got one for Christmas. I've been watching all the Club 38 videos and waiting for the weather to break! I finally got out to fly it. WOW, it was a challenge! I realized I have some two line kite habits to break. It's been fun but looks like a steep learning curve. Are there any other guys flying in the area? I'd love to watch and learn from some experienced flyers! Any words of wisdom!?
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