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  1. Just finally successfully flew the rev2, had a good stiff wind for it. Took quite a few crashes to figure it out and loose that two line mentality. It's a blast, very quick and took very little input on the handles, looks like the upper bungees got a little sloppy or maybe the sail stretched out some was flying it in 15-20 mph gusts, think it's a kite from the 90's so I guess I have to expect some of that. Defiantely does not like turbulent air at all, never the less it was fun, now I just have to get better at line management, I kind of make a mess on them at first.
  2. Hello everyone, I just picked up my first quad line kite, a rev ll, looks like I'm going to need some handles and and lines, other than that it's a complete kite. Took a little bit to figure out the extra lines and spars that this thing has on the back side though. I was wondering what size handles to go with and where is a good place to order them from, heard this is a twitchy fast kite, this is my fisrt rev so I just don't know, thanks.
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