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  1. Sorry to jump on an old thread, but as for altering string length - that can be done accurately, quite easily, there probably is a full description on the site somewhere but I've just searched and failed to find it. As described above, under tension with staked lines, work out how much you need to adjust a line by, measure that distance with a ruler. Then, before you untie any knots - mark where the actual end of the line currently reaches to along the line. Not sure if ascii art works ok here, but roughly - main line comes in from top left, makes a loop, and then comes back through a knot onto itself: ____ ---------/ \ ----\____/ ^Mark this spot on main line Untie your knot - should be a simple overhand knot, move the end of the line down the main line *double* the distance you'd measured, adjust the sleeve (dont remove it!) so it's central to the new loop, and tie an overhand knot again to secure it. Then compare them all again to check ;-)
  2. And I'd like to say, I'm very glad I've met up with Bill, Graham & Stone in Shoe Bob, they've helped me a lot, great guys, great atmosphere - well worth the trip (though for me, it is pretty local) Just have to hope my curse of there nearly always being no wind, or too much wind whenever I get chance to go flying will cease at some point !
  3. Greetings, New Rev flyer here, actually been flying for a month or so now (and already broken two spars!). Been flying stunt kits for many years and saw the Revolution at the Dunstable Downs kite festival for the first time ever this year, fell in love with it quickly and got one for my birthday. Have met up with Bill (oapbillf) and made several new friends on the downs, and crash a lot less than before now, thanks to their help and advice. My daughter seems to be a natural with the rev, so I may need to be purchasing a second kite in the near future too! Cheers Dave
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