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  1. He did it's a bit of a hike but I think it'll be worth it!
  2. Any Rev fliers in the Gloucestershire area on here? Would love to meet up with someone experienced for a chat and see a Rev fly
  3. I've spoken to Tony from Go Kites and he was really helpful as well Thanks for your help Bill
  4. I'm thinking this one: http://www.kiteworld.co.uk/acatalog/Revolution_John_Barresi_Rev_1.5_Vented.html#SID=862?a11234875 But in the UK it's £317.99 including handles and 80ft lines. Should I just wait a couple months until I can afford the one above or just go for a standard 1.5?
  5. I've been flying kites for a little while now, started on two line, moved to a four line power kite but I really really fancy buying a Revolution I'm based in the UK and can only find one decent retailer that either has them in stock and that's still in business. I've read through so many posts about version, 1.5 difference to 2 etc etc but when I go to this website I'm just confused as hell to what is what etc... http://www.kiteworld.co.uk/acatalog/Revolution-Kites.html Which one should I be buying? I don't know if I can stretch my budget over £260... Mostly the wind around my favourite spot is 8mph-15mph but can get pretty windy up there! It's not unusual for it to get 20mph winds with 25mph-30mph gusts. Any others from the UK on here?
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