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  1. My business travel took me to San Diego today and I had some free time so I stopped by the revolution kite factory. Super friendly! Joe took about 30 minutes to show me the basics of flying the rev and I actually got it under control and did some basic maneuvers! There are some techniques that the videos and manuals just didn't convey clearly enough for me to understand. Thanks nice REV people! Some take-aways. 1) I wish I had known about the travel kit. I would have bought that version to start with. The travel spars are half the length of the regular ones so the kite can easily fit in
  2. Thank you for all your responses. I have been without internet access for a few days. I'll try to answer all the questions in one post. 1) I am in the DC area for the next few months. 2) I have only flown single string kites before 3) According to the weather report, winds were in the 8-12 mph range on the days I went out. 4) Spars are on correct side of the kite. 5) Still don't believe it is possible to verify length of 80' line without specialized equipment. Can't be certain both lines are under the exact same tension. It did appear to me that the lines were not the same length and
  3. I saw a rev kite at a kite festival in DC and bought an EXP. Watched the videos. Read the manual. First attempt resulted in kite doing multiple uncontrolled spins and then crashing. 30 minutes untangling lines. Second attempt resulted in uncontrolled spins the other direction and crash. 30 minutes untangling lines. Packed it up for the day. My second and 3rd attempts were similar disasters. Just uncontrolled spins and crashes without any sense that I was even momentarily controlling the kite. Most of my time is spent untangling lines. I watched the video about line management and tri
  4. I'll start my own topic if you like, but I need some advice on the same theme. I saw the Rev's being flown at the DC kite festival and decided I had to have one. First windy day after kite arrived, I went out to fly after having read the manual and watched the DVD. Kite immediately went into an uncontrolled spiral and crashed after about 8 twists. I spent the next 30 minutes de-tangling the lines. 2nd time I launched, it immediately spiraled two times to the right and crashed. I de-tangled the lines again and went home and watched a few more training videos, then went back out. This tim
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