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  2. Great photo ant, glad to hear Santa is promoting kiting on the beach. It is never too early to plant the desire to fly a rev in a young heart.
  3. Hey Ant, Happy Birthday. I wish you many many more, there are still people out there who do not have a clue how much fun flying quad lines are, and you are the greatest at letting them find out. Though, now I see where you get it from, and that would be the great people at Rev, like John B and Ben. In the meantime since it is raining all week, I will have a shot and a beer for your birthday tonight. I am thirsty for a bottle of the Ant wine, boy did that one go quick once the cork was out of the bottle.
  4. I too am thankful for all you have mentioned so far, kiting was just what we all needed, thankful it has brought us together in this forum, and especially for when we meet somewhere and get a chance to fly together. Thankful for all our blessings and our kites, and another bonus, thankful for the next 5 days off work. Some of us still get the first day of buck season off, Monday, paid, it was kind of like a state holiday in Pa. at one time, but I'll be flying kites.
  5. So sorry for your loss Jim. 87 years is a long life, even 75 good years is a blessing. Your mom is at peace today, God bless.
  6. Congratulations John, I wish you both many (very many) happy and prosporus years. I am so happy for you both. Reading this made my day. Found this on the kite studio forum, thanks for posting there. Oh, and I am sure baby's first picture will have quad handles in it.
  7. I do not know why the Rev II has such a bad reputation for precision, all that's needed are shorter movements. I can fly my II as well as my 1.5 B. Maybe I am not good enough or precise enough to tell the difference, but to me it is just faster.
  8. So sorry to hear we lost such a cool kite shop. Never been there, but I sure would have stopped to shop if I were in the area. I am always looking for kite shops when I go on vacation, since there are none I know of within 100 miles of where I live. Seems like just as many kite fliers too, so opening a kite shop where I live would not work. At least you have some great memories of cool people coming to see you. Things will turn around and I hope you will be running another kite shop real soon.
  9. Since you ask, remove your bridle, and make yourself a set of 30' lines, don't use sleeving. I use the berry blue, it is thinner, but watch out for tangles.
  10. Hooray, Rev had 670,000 on it's counter today, Though, I must admit, I was also 699992,5, 8,9, and 670,000. I just had to do it.
  11. I live near Harrisburg PA. the land of squirrly winds. When I do get to the beach to fly my Rev. it's like I do things I only dream of in Pa. So you are right, poor wind makes good fliers.
  12. Of course I'll be there. I will be commuting every day, but it is a half hour drive or so for me. I was under the understanding that you must be registered to participate in any of the events, though i think a public flying field would encourage new memberships. As much as I would enjoy flying my rev's for the week, I want to spend some time in the kite building workshops. So I can get my ideas into flight. But I'll be on the field, can not pass up the chance to fly with others. I love to team fly and have been practicing big fig. 8's on the 120's. I am the only one around who flies regularly,
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