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  1. Latest test results!! Flew Sunday at Graylands beach, Wa , the wind got up to 20+ and we lost a race rod. It finally broke in the center of the middle leading edge spar. So now I know they are not indescructable!! Replaced the leading edge with a SLE and kept flying till it started raining. WET w/ sand Yuck! Memories of WSIKF. see ya @ up your wind this weekend and Whidbey later in the month. Steven
  2. Just gave my new race rev spars the ultimate test. Spent last week with my b-series vented kite with new race spars letting anyone & everyone test drive the kite and learning to fly! The newbies crashed into everything they could and smacked the ground pretty hard at all angles until they could keep the kite airborne and after five days I never suffered a loss of equipment and actually helped about 25 or more people learn to fly. The kites performed flawlessly and everyone enjoyed the way they felt (imagine learning to fly with a b series and race rods!) A very rewarding experience and I thank Ben and Revolution for giving me the opportunity to share with others. Race rods rock! I flew them in all conditions from 20+ winds to as light as possible without a complaint in standard & vented kites. I may never fly anything else.
  3. Me and computers don't always get along. Maybe I can get this thing to work later. :confused!:
  4. Gotta love a good raffle ,keep up the good work John & team see you at WSIKF CONGRATS KENT!!! I didn't need another kite anyways, I'd have to buy another bag.
  5. I don't know how much my sails weigh....... I don't know how much my spars weigh and I dont know lenghts or widths or any of the other technical stuff that makes my kite fly. I don't even have a second hand on my watch!!! I do know that when my handles do this .... or that ....... it makes my kite fly and gives me enjoyment. Carry on family.
  6. Thats part of the reason we're coming up, but I gotta see the big chrome crab!!!! Guarantee wind?!
  7. Wind is wind Lutinplunder it comes and goes , thats the nature of the beast! I had the opportunity to fly today on 30' lines at Hood canal after I got off work and it was very windy but always good. The wind always seems best when you cant fly & goes away whenever i set up my kite. Persevere and you'll get your kite fix, I carry at least one kite with me always(just in case). This coming weekend I'm looking forward to flying at Vanier Park in Vancouver & my next few weekends are planned too. There are many fun flys in our area Lutinplunder (ocean shores , graylands, marysville,Whidbey island) so try to plan around that, it's more fun with others. Email me at [email protected] if you want more local info. Steven
  8. but turbulance can be an issue when flying a vented in front
  9. I live near Puyallup and I have had luck finding wind at the Tacoma waterfront at times. It really depends on direction of the wind and the proximity to the water. Vassault park on N. Pearl has some good winds and Ft. Steilicom Park is sometimes good also. All in all nothing is quite as good as the ocean beaches, We like to go to Graylands/Westport area. Let me know where you find to fly and maybe Ill see you there Steven
  10. Ok Theresa, so how do I contact you and your source of bulk 90# Spectra?
  11. Jon , you are so hooked. I told you it would happen! lmao Keep buyin' & keep flyin'! I love my SS in a stiff wind or even when its a bit soft ( had mine out last weekend in a 17+ wind. WOW! the noises it makes!) I usually only fly with 90# lines and have never had a problem. Ant has the right idea though , try the vented, fast and less pull. I don't know when I'll be back but someday I'll show up on the field. See you then. Steven
  12. I was recently looking for bulk Laser pro gold online and became aware from one site that Laser pro gold may become harder & harder to aquire. I looked further and now I am confused by the many other premium Spectra products and need some opinions from others. I found Spectra 2000, Laser pro, Blue line, Spectra 1000, and WSK Premium Spectra. I would like the family to comment on each of these products as all I have ever flown was Laser pro, or if there are other products that I have missed that you can tell me about. Keep flying , St.even.
  13. I am trying to post the picture of my 9 yr old grand daughter learning to fly(and succeeding) my vented B-series. She claimed she liked the pull of the vented Rev 1 better though.
  14. I initially was in the market for a vented Rev 1.5 when I heard about the B-series kites in January and bit my tongue until I finally saw them for sale online and immediatly ordered mine. I was impressed with the versatility from the multiple frames offered and had already heard that the sail was an improvement. After flying my kite I have realized that it serves about 90% of my needs, even the vented kite flies in very little wind, but I still may get a standard B-series to complete my needs. All in all this is the most widely used of all my Revs, I couldn't be happier. St.Even p.s. It's great for teaching too!
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