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  1. Hi as anybody flown the Rev Reflex XX, just interested in how it performs really against the Reflex Spider.
  2. Just a quick question, I have Rev 1.5 SLE Vented and a John Barresi B Signature Series Rev which I have flown for a while now; I just really would like to know how the Newer models fly compared to my two revs I own, and is it worth me buying the newly designed 2018 kite ? Any comments would be greatly appreciated on this subject. Thanks Nigel
  3. Well I have looked at all the lines and frame,all seems ok, but will not fly properly the slightest movement on the handles it goes into non stop clockwise spin,and won't come out of the spin know matter what I do, the only way to stop it spinning is to land it.I have used the flying lines and handles on my Rev 1.5 and that fly's lovely,so must be the Kite itself,I am completely baffled,I suppose it doesn't help that I am not an experienced Rev Flyer.The Kite was bought from a GOKITES Revolution Kite dealer so it is a genuine John Barresi 1.5 Revolution Kite.(I had to wait 2 months for it). Is there anybody in the UK that I can send it too,so they can fly it and hopefully sort it out,I would obviously pay for the return carriage.I live in Somerset, Thanks Nigel
  4. Hi,Thanks for all the info,I will check the Kite out and see if there is any problems, the Kite is brand new,genuine Revolution Kite bought it from Gokites in Wales a reputable Company. I have check the Lines they are all ok,so now need to check out the Bridle etc on the Kite. Nigel
  5. I recently bought a John Barresi 1.5 rev ,but the kite constantly will spin as soon as it is launched and is very difficult to control,I have been flying my Revolution 1.5 for a while now and don't have any trouble controlling it,the kite handles really well. but the JB version seems to be very uncontrollable when launched,is the something I am not doing right ? the JB version is very difficult to fly compared to the REV 1.5 and it is a very hard job to stop it getting out of control,it just seem to want to constantly spin.
  6. I have recently bought a JB Revolution 1.5 Signature Series (Standard) Kite also the 13" No Snag Handles,I have been flying my Revolution 1.5 SLE vented for a while now with the standard handles that came with the kite with no problem,but I thought that I would buy the 13" No Snag handles to use with my JB Revolution,but when flying the JB with these handles there seems to be to much brake as to really get the kite to accelerate I have to pull the top of the handles really hard back at quite a steep angle about 90 degrees to achieve this,compared to the standard handles,the length of leaders on the No Snag Handles are Top= 120mm Bottom (Brake) = 55mm where as the Standard 13" Handles that came with the Rev SLE are Top= 100mm Bottom (Brake) = 100mm. I have adjusted the No Snag Handles so that the line is on the last knot on the leader at the Top (next to the handle) and the Bottom (brake) last knot on the leader away from the handle,but in light winds (4-5 mph) it does not accelerate with out pulling the handles back a very long way. What am I doing wrong ? Nigel
  7. Looking to buy a couple of Line sets different weights and length's ,other then the Revolution Line sets is there any other Manufacture that produce quality Line sets ?
  8. I would like a bit of advise on Line Lengths,at the moment I am flying both my Revolution Kites on 80 ft lines,is there any advantage in using 120 ft Lines ? I know that they are mostly used in Team Events,but I was wondering is this line length useful to have in my bag? Thanks
  9. Hi,I have just got a set of 13" snag less handles to use on my new Rev B series full sail I have just bought,can somebody explain the adjustment knots top and bottom, and by moving the lines on the knots back and forth what affect it will have on flying the kite. Thanks
  10. That's very interesting,thanks.
  11. I would like a bit of advice on to Rev Kites, I know this is a bit of difficult question,but how does the New York Minute compare with the B Series Kites?
  12. Hi,just wondered if anybody lives and fly's in Somerset UK. Nigel.
  13. Can somebody tell what wind range the No 3 ultra light rods can be used on my Rev 1.5 SLE vented.
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